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KXPA100 for SOTA?

This the one?

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Yes - sort of. My preference is the BLF-1209W which has rounded corners - better for the pack. But when I tried to get a backup, I received the BLF-1209A which is basically the same but with sharp corners. I contacted them and asked why they sent the 1209A instead of the 1209W and was told that “ham radio operators preferred the 1209A” and the W version wasn’t available anymore. Not a big deal and I’ve used either one on activations.

Keith KR7RK

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Hi all, This is about the battery part. For “BIG GUN” activations, i.e. the CO 14’er thing, I did a near drive up 10-pointer, to get S2S’s with a 19-AH battery powering a 5-100W adjustable power rig (TS-480SAT). Key-down current is 22A when at 100W. The battery is a LiFePO4; 4.8 pounds.did mostly 100w for about half an hour, then had to dial it back.
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