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KX3 Failure

My apologies to chasers noticing my alert for OK/ZL-042 this morning. After setting the station on the summit I found my KX3 putting no power out on any band. PS OK, antenna OK, rx OK, cw monitor OK, but zero watts out. So far, I have no idea what happened. Anyone with similar experience here?
73, Ruda OK2QA

Hi Ruda,

Did you check if PTT-CW is erroneously activated (by press and hold VOX)?
(… this is a nice feature for off-air code practice or checking what is stored in the CW text memories, and the best - this functions also on a summit, hi) :wink:

73 gl, Heinz

Sounds a bit complicated. But - hey, we should know what we are doing - don’t we? :wink:

GL es 73


Apologies for stating the obvious - but you haven’t inadvertently turned the power right down have you?

It happens to me once. Vox was on.
André f5ukl

Bingo !!!
Heinz and André, thank you so much for putting me on the right track. VOX must be ON and VOX icon must be on the display to key the transmitter. I have not noticed the icon was not there and I have obviously inadvertently switched the keying mode to PTT.
Good point: The rig is not broken.
Bad point: In spite of beautiful warm sunny day in the mountains no activation at all (I planned two summits).
73, Ruda OK2QA

Frustrating when a fault turns out to be “user couldn’t remember the fine detail”… Had a similar issue with my TH-D72 a few weeks back, while trying for a four-and-dash activation in poor weather, when I could not figure out how to set the squelch sensibly, and instead had to try working with the monitor button.
Bad point: Only managed a couple of contacts on VHF as a result…
Good(-sh): It forced me to deploy the bothy bag and the HF antenna, and I got a whole bunch of contacts that way.

Glad the rig still lives!

Bad choice of words Ruda…“KX3 Failure” ! I’ve owned my KX3 for 5 years (s/n 045) and have never had a failure.
I’ve done the exact same thing, more than once…lol !
KX3’s don’t fail, we operators screw up, Wayne and Eric built one of the best radio’s and companies around !
I had a FT-817 fail, and I’ll never own another !
Glad you got it squared away and your back in business ! I still hit the wrong buttons after all this time, but we learn.
Good luck on your next activation…

73 de Ed