KX2 replacement thumb screws

Hello All,
I am currently staying with my son and family in Needham MA and last week I completed an activation of W1/HA-001 Mount Washington NH on Friday and somehow I lost the two thumbscrews on each end of my KX2. I phoned Elecraft in California on Monday afternoon (Monday morning in California) and was advised to put my request in an email which I later did to get the part numbers. After another phone call the company said that they would send me the parts foc as I was an existing customer. The screws duly arrived today in Needham. I am very impressed with the helpful staff and just wanted to share this with the SOTA community. Of course as they say other brands of radio are available!

Nick G4OOE


Excellent news about Elecraft replacing your thumbscrews Nick. Always good to know a company is looking after its customers.

Congratulations (by the way) on the Triple three thousand point Mountain Goat score achieved when you were activating in USA last week.

73 Phil

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Thanks Very much Phil. An easy drive-on 10 pointer to get me over the line😄

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I have had similar service from Elecraft - top flight.
Malcolm VE2DDZ

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ON my KX3 the lettering got loose, the orange/yellow tekst falls of, a mail to N6KR resulted in a complete new front, without charge, what a service !
TU ELEcraft, you guys are indeed “ELEgant” !!

Now I’m waiting on a new KX1s and a K1s :slight_smile: I wish …. …

All best 73


Same thing happened to me on an activation in Colorado. Lost a thumb screw on one end of my KX2. Voila, I had a replacement in no time from Elecraft. Great outfit.

Dennis - WA2USA