KX0R Reaches 5X Mountain Goat!

Carey (KX0R) just passed the 5X MG level here in Colorado. Only five activators in NA have managed to do that. However, that’s only part of his story. To put things in perspective here are some of his stats:

  • 1105 summits activated
  • 43,609 total activation Q’s
  • 3032 S2S contacts made
  • 7944 chaser contacts made

Chasers always have a reasonable chance of working Carey (AKA George on CW) as he is usually QRV for a few hours and operates on many bands. He’s made an amazing number of contacts activating summits! Carey is also a very active Chaser when he’s not climbing mountains.

Congratulations on your awesome achievement OM and I know you’ll be active for many many years to come!
73. Brad


Congratulations Carey on achieving 5 x Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Just wow. What would a week here in Missouri be without a half dozen summit contacts with you!

Heck if I add up my points just chasing you it makes me a 2X shack sloth!

All the best. It is always fun to give you a report and monitor your action from the summit.

73 John N0EVH


Congrats and thank you! You are #1 on my Top Chased Activators list.

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WOW, Geo, that accomplishment is beyond impressive; it’s awesomely spectacular!! In my experience, you are constantly out there in the mountains, and in my log more than I can count. Nice to hear you on SOTA so much. You’re an inspiration among your peers! Thank you!!


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Awesome Achievement, Carey!! You’re an inspiration to us all here …with your well written, documented and beautifully photograph trip reports! Often offering not only trail info but description of the geology area. When doing a new summit first thing I do is see if KX0R has a TR on it. For the details on trail description and verbal route description etc …extremely helpful!!

You’ve contributed many hours of a labor of love into this shared SOTA hobby (passion/fever?) THANK YOU! Earning 5xMG in CO is a non trivial task not to mention high honor! Points in this state are expensive and hard won. Great work, Carey! Hats off to you, OG!

You’re the reason I’m listening more carefully for “S2Ss” after my run of chasers I sometimes hear a faint (RST 219) near ESP levels and struggle to pull it off for another S2S with George/KX0R! YES! The good stuff that makes activations even more FUN!!

Hope to S . …2 …S again soon! Cheers, Steve wGOAT


Fabulous Carey and thanks for the help you have given me
in starting SOTA a few years ago. I use it for myself, but also
my CW Academy students, of which there are many just starting
out in SOTA.
72 and GL on 6X,
Bill, K0MP

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Congrats on 5X Mountain Goat George! Thanks for all the S2S and looking forward to the many more. :slight_smile: 73 Kris

You really set a high standard for hiking, operating, and technical excellence.
All Best, Ken

It is very impressive! Congratulations George!!!

Congrats on 5x Mountain Goat George!

Congratulations George! You are surely an outdoor enthusiast. I always enjoy chaser and S2S contacts with you, the latest being yesterday’s S2S! Thank you, Bob AC1Z

Congratulations, George! I’m not surprised at all at how many summits you have done, as I wonder “Where’s George?” when I don’t see an alert posted for the day… :slight_smile: .

Thanks for all the contacts and especially the s2s ones! If I’m on a summit and you are on a summit, I can count on you to find my signal and make a successful contact.


Dave, AE9Q

Congratulations … and thanks for the many contacts over the past couple of months.


Martin, AC7AP

Outstanding! Always enjoy chasing you, Geo.

Congratulations. On those days when I can’t seem to copy anybody you still make it through. Thanks for all the activations. 113 so far.
Jeff K6QCB

Absolutely amazing George! Seems like you are on a peak every single day AND I can always hear you even when I can’t hear others. You are doing something right, my friend!
Charlie NJ7V

Congratulation on an incredible achievement.


Congratulations George! Thanks for all the activations and S2S QSO’s!

73 de KR7RK

Congratulations - that is an incredible accomplishement! I always look forward to working you.

Rob - AE7AP