Kuehgundkopf - DL/AL-049

Hi everyone,

here is the report of today’s activation.

Wx: Cloudy, approx 6°C, light winds, later rain and wind gusts
Walking time: approx. 2 hours up, unknown down
Ascent/ descent: approx. 770 vertical metres

Rig: Rockmite 30 @ ~ 500mW
Ant: Linked EFHW for 40, 30, 20m
25 QSOs on 30m in 20 minutes

Highlight: First activation with the 30m Rockmite

Ativation report:
Less than a week ago, I had completed a Rockmite for 30 metres and was looking for an opportunity to use it on an activation. I intended to bring additional equipment for backup, so the hike had to be not too long. Hence, the activation of DL/AL-049 seemed reasonable. The weather forecast announced cool but dry weather in the morning. Towards noon, rain had to be expected.
The yl accompanied me on this trip, on which we set off directly from our accommodation. We reached the first summit of the day after about 90 minutes: Iseler, former DL/AL-048. From here, we had the first view of Kuehgundkopf:

30 Minutes later, we reached DL/AL-049 and I set up the antenna on a slope. First transceiver to be used was - of course - the Rockmite. The backup rig stayed in the rucksack.

After a few initial calls, RBN had picked up my CQ and the first familiar chasers could be heard. To my big surprise they could hear me as well! Thanks for having such good ears, guys!
Unfortunately, too soon I noticed that the weather rapidly deteriorated. Some neighboring peaks were already covered in grey clouds and the wind grew stronger. The QSOs were now contest style and as soon as there were no more callers, I pulled the plug and packed up in a hurry. I felt sorry, that I couldn’t play a bit longer with this nice ittle rig. But we had to get going because to the west the first rain showers were approaching.

The weather held up until about half way down, then it was pouring with rain. But with the prospect of a warm hotel room and a good meal, this was no big issue.

It was lots of fun! Thanks for the QSOs and your patience! Sorry if I couldn’t pick up your call. The bandwith of the audio signal is fairly big and at times I could hear strong nearby stations in a QSO wiping out weak chasers. Operating with the Rockmite needs definitely more practise.

73, Roman


Hi Roman,

Nice 500mW signal :+1: :wink: thanks QSO and new reference

73 Éric


Hello Roman,
Your boxed Rockmite looks pretty! Congratulations and very nice views.
Good luck in your next ones.

73 Ignacio


Very good signal from your Rockmite! Thanks for qso


It’s a shame we just missed each other for an S2S, Roman.
Still saw your spot. We will do that later.
I cheers for qrp.
73 Chris

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… thanks for the QSO @F5JKK and @IX1IHR! You were both loud at my end. Amazing that you could hear my tiny signal!

Thanks for the nice comment @EA2BD ! Next time again in a QSO :wink:

@DL1CR truely a shame we missed each other! Due to the incoming bad weather I went QRT immediately when no further chasers could be heard. Sorry I didn’t check any alerts nor spots.
We have to try an S2S-QSO soon, Chris :wink:

73, Roman


This makes me smile!

Welcome to the wonderful world of SOTA activating with a RockMite! I don’t think anything beats the thrill of qualifying with a rig you’ve built yourself. I listen to Bill Meara N2CQR with his SolderSmoke podcast and he often talks about the soul within the machine- we put a bit of ourselves in these creations and it makes contacts with them all the more pleasureable.

Congratulations on your beautiful rig! :slight_smile:

73, Colin