KU4R earns 500 chaser points!

Join us in congratulating Bob Warden, KU4R, in earning 500 chaser points!

Way to go Bob!!!

Ron, KI4TN
Liz, K1LIZ


Congratulations on your first 500 chaser points, Bob. Before you know it you will double your score to 1,000. Chasing is always fun but very addictive. Good Luck ! de Scotty KG3W

Congratulations Bob,

Now on to 1000 points and Shack Sloth!

Walt NE4TN

Congratulations to you from New Hampshire. Looking at the wall here in the shack and see our certificates for our first level of chasing as well as the patches for Shack Sloth. We remember the feeling of accomplishment.
Looking forward to a contact with you when we are down your way for the Spring W4 Campout.
Merle KB1RJD and Herm KB1RJC

Congratulations Bob on 500 Chaser points! You’re halfway there to becoming a full blooded Shack Sloth. Glad I was able to add to your points.

Dean ~ K2JB

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Well done Bob!
I’m sure that you will achieve 1000 Chaser points and the “Shack Sloth” Award before you know it. Along the way, you will also get to meet a lot of really terrific hams, both nearby and Dx.
SOTA has been a lot of fun for me, it’s very habit forming. Every day brings new contacts and surprises.
I’m looking forward to adding you to my log soon. See you on the radio.
73, de Bruce W2SE

Congratulations! And thanks for chasing me on W3/PH-001. I hope you chase me again.


Congratulations Bob on your 500 chaser points!
Gary K3TCU


73, Rex KE6MT