KT5X on W5/SE-044

Another perfect weather day, so i tossed the radio knapsack in the Off Road and headed for Tetilla Peak. This is a volcanic plug south of town. As I bumped along the 4x4 track I got this funny feeling. I looked about and realized that the disturbed ground was fifty yards wide. this is an old wagon trail. This is the famous, Camino Real, the trail of the Conquistadors from Mexico City to Santa Fe in the 16 and 1700’s.

Took me over an hour to pick my way over to the base of the old volcanic plug. There is no trail, but made short work of the mount. I set up my 20 foot fishing pole mast near the top, but on a steep forty-five degrees slope and angled the pole at right-angles to the ground, the mount reflecting my signal east.

QRP ARCI was going on, so I called CQ QRP and sign / SOTA. Fifteen QSO’s in 30 minutes, and I headed home for lunch.

Weather permitting, I will put another SOTA on the air next week and will announce it. TNX, 73, Fred KT5X ATS3B 4 Watts to an EFHW, theone KG running radio.

In reply to KT5X:

You’re in the SOTA groove there, Fred. Fine work.
I’m sad to have missed the point grab you have been generating. I’ve been working weekdays, and Sat/Sun was occupied with the annual Spring turkey season. There’s nothing like being outsmarted by a bird. My overall record 0-14.
I’ll catch up with you soon- please keep it up.

Stu KI6J

In reply to KI6J:
TNX, Pal. Weather is perfect for these (realtively) low altitude peaks. That tuner you designed is a gem. I want another one to hold in reserve!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, will go a little higher to activate Atalaya, which is one of my running mtns. That will be it for this week as weather is expected to turn very windy. We’ll see how things look again next week.

Would like to meet up for a mtn together one day. - Fred KT5X

So, this is what happens when a trail runner gets cabin fever…

The meet-up plan is a must do, but I hope you can wait at the top long enough for me to get there.

The tuner kit will be in the mail presently.

Godspeed Fred,