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KR7RK latest NA goat


Congratulations Keith !
A week ago we were congratulating you for achieving Super Sloth, now we celebrate your reaching Mountain Goat.
Just added you to my log twice in one day, including your Goat summit. Chased you over 100 times and looking forward to the next 100. Thanks so much for all the Activations.

vy 73,
Bruce W2SE


Congratulations !!


Many congratulations, your callsign is always memorable when I am entering your awards.

Because your callsign is palindromic how about making your Mountain Goat qualification at 1001 :wink:


How about moving East and getting a 0 or 5 call - then it’d be palindromic in CW too :wink:


Great achievement Keith! You add a lot to the SOTA enjoyment! Thanks for the many SOTA contacts. Bob AC1Z


Congrats Keith on your MG accomplishment. Will be looking for you in the future.
Jack KB7HH


The heartiest of congratulations to you, Keith. I remember you helping me on my first activation a little over a year ago by sharing your rig for my first Qs. I have chased you on many summits since that time and am always amazed at the effort you put in to get to the top of summits that are clearly out of my league. You certainly deserve the honor of Mountain Goat.


Bill, K0MP


Congratulations, I was glad to work you on your MG peak! Here’s to many more! 73 de K0EAP


Congrats Keith! Glad you came out of the noise on 40 or I would have missed working you on the peak that put you over.

Looking forward to getting together with the AZ SOTA guys and celebrating your achievement.



Adding our congrats from NH.
Merle & Herm


Hi all, thank you soooo much for this incredible amateur radio community!
One quick clarification - it’s actually been 2 years, not just one :slight_smile:
I remember telling my XYL early on that it would probably take me about 5 years to reach Mountain Goat. But, I can’t get enough of this SOTA stuff! Ah, the siren song of the summit is so very strong!
And, I can’t think of a better group of folks to share it with.
It was back in July 2016 when NU7Y, Quinton, invited me to go along with him up to Heliograph Peak and make some QSO’s. I had been in a bit of a lull with ham radio after some life changes, and I was also missing hiking after my sons outgrew boy scouts. So, I gave it a try. I don’t think Quinton realized it but he set me on the path to a whole new chapter in my ham radio story! We still do some joint activations and whenever possible he fires up the rig to give me some QSO’s when I am up on a peak. I had hoped to return to Heliograph for my MG summit with Quinton, but he had summer travel plans - but he still set up a rig and provided my first QSO in the log yesterday, from Washington.
I truly wasn’t in a rush to achieve Mountain Goat. But, I would hike and activate every day if I could. I have enjoyed the journey and I feel like I have a very long way to go before I will be a SOTA Master like some of the rest of you SOTA ops. Maybe I’ve earned a 2-year Associate’s Degree in Summits On The Air - but let me tell you, I have every intention of continuing on towards the full Doctorate, learning and having fun! There are almost unlimited beautiful, long hikes to be done; there are summits in lands far away just waiting for me to visit; there is nature to be appreciated and boots to be worn thin. And best of all, there are many awesome ham radio friends to share it all.
73 and see you on the air (maybe even 10 meters!)
Keith KR7RK


Way to go, Keith! It has been a pleasure getting you in our logs and we look forward to many more contacts.

Ron and Liz


Congrats Keith.


Congratulations, Keith! I enjoy the activation reports/video on Facebook.
Peter KD0YOB


Piling on here, Keith. Congratulations for your milestone.
All the variety and multitude of summits will keep us all busy activating and chasing.


Congratulations Keith. Thanks for all the chaser points along the way to your MG achievement. Also, thanks for chasing me on both SOTA and WWFF activations. May the next 1K activator points be as enjoyable as the first 1K.

73 Rich N4EX


Very congrats Keith.
Thanks for the DX SOTA QSOs we’ve had so far. I look forward to the sunspots being more numerous again for us to have new SOTA QSOs again.
Keep on doing the good work.



I was surprised this Saturday when I received call from KR7RK on 15 Meter band during my activation in Northern Sierras. I did not expect to make contact with Arizona on this band, specially S2S. Welcome to MGs community, Keith! Congratulations!


Well done Keith! I always appreciate your qsos.
Scott kw4jm


Congratulations Keith! And congratulations on doing some really tough peaks.


Mike - ke5akl