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KR7RK Keith - Super Summit Sloth

Awesome job, Keith! Congratulations.
73 Gary

Congratulations Keith

Roland K7FOP

Congratulations, Keith! A very sturdy performance! Thanks for all the S2S’s.

Andy, N4LAG

Great accomplishment Keith! Bob AC1Z

Wow, Keith. Incredible totals for S2S. Congratulations!

73 Paula k9ir

That’s a lot of sweaty as well as freezing summits to climb. Good Job! Glad to get you in my log on several of those summits. Dean ~ K2JB

Congratulations Keith! Well done!

73 Fred/N7PN

Congrats Keith !!!
You Da MAN !!

Robert - N3BZ

Great work, Keith!
I’ll be looking forward to the difficult task of making S2S with you.
Keep up the good work!


Congratulations Keith, an amazing accomplishment !


You were my first S2S contact on my first activation 16 Apr 2020. It helped my confidence greatly. Thanks for the fun, Brian - NM5BG

Fine job. That doesn’t surprise me at all based on the percentage of s2s with Keith in my much more limited logbook.

Congratulations on the BIG S2S number, Keith.
I realized pretty quickly when I started SOTA that KR7RK was active a lot.
One of these days I might even manage to work you on 10 or 12 meters.
I almost always give a listen.
72, David N6AN

Congrats Keith!

73 es GL,

Mike - ke5akl

Congrats Keith…and Tnx for the S2S today!!!
Tim - K5DEZ

Congratulations, Keith! It is always a great pleasure to make contact with you!

73! Oleh

Congratulations Keith!