KR7RK gets "10 METER GOAT"

Keith, KR7RK, achieved the 1,000-activator point mark for 10 meters early this morning UTC.
Keith is a well-known ambassador for 10 meter operation, usually starting each of his activations on 28 MHz, and working down in frequency. He did this by activating Mount Hopkins, W7A/AE-027 in the late afternoon, then starting again on the new day, Dec. 01, thus giving him the winter bonus points that put him over the top for “10-meter goat”. The double activation required a long, cold walk back in the dark! A loud and clear message has been delivered about using 10 meters; something that many don’t even try in this time of low sunspots. Thanks for the inspiration, Keith!


Update: Please see correction from VK1DA, below.


Way to go Keith.


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Congrats Keith, I listen for you on 10m but never hear ya !
Keep going…


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Congratulations Keith! Fantastic achievement !!
de - KE9AJ

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Great job Keith.

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Outstanding Keith. I always try to work you on 10 meters but most of the time I can’t hear you although I have made a contact occasionally. Glad you could show 10 meters is open more that a lot of people may think at times.

Gary A.

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Well done Keith! I’ve always listened for you on 10m but could never hear you. Thanks for all the activator and chaser contacts through the years. Keep up the great work my friend!

73, Brad

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Congratulations Keith!


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Great Job Keith! Glad you made it. Could not hear you on 10 M.
Keep up the good work.
John Paul // AB4PP

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The 1000 point tally is very impressive. However the standard sotadata report overstates the score for individual bands or modes as it does not apply the rule of 4 contacts on specific modes or bands. So it counts the activations even if they don’t include at least 4 contacts on that band or mode.

This can be readily seen if you view 2016 where there are only 5 summits to count for 10m.

If you examine the score for 2016, you find that kr7rk’s score for 10m is shown as 36. However, turn on the analysis option and you see that the summits on which he has 4 or more contacts on 10m (a letter Y in the 10m column) add up to 28. 36 is the score for summits on which he made at least one contact on 10m. On two of those summits the contact count is less than 4, actually 3 and 2 respectively. For the purposes of a goat award, the summits wiith only 2 or 3 contacts would not count.

This problem has been discussed on this forum many times usually in the context of scores for a specific mode, so it is not new.

When i saw this announcement I hoped it was true. But i’m sorry, the report stating a score of 1000 is incorrect for the meaning of a goat award.

Whatever the score is, it is still a great achievement on 10m.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Thanks for that correction, Andrew; so it will be awhile yet!

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I sympathise with those who would like this report to produce the output they want, but it just wasn’t designed for that when it was developed.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Congratulations Keith! Nicely done.


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Clarification on my “post withdrawn by author” - I was asking where all these statistics are found…but I found the answer to my question. It looks like there needs to be a “Y” in each box to show that at least 4 contacts were made.

Outstanding Keith.
What is next? MG on 12 metres??



Congratulations, Keith. No luck on 10 meters today, but you were loud on 15! Hope to hear you on your next summit. Walt

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Yes, or a Y in the 10m column when the analysis option is turned on.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Congrats Keith! On 10 meter :mountain_snow::goat: TKS for the S2S Today. Kris​:sunglasses:

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Thanks everyone! I love the SOTA community and feel so fortunate to be part of it. You can be sure that I will continue to work on keeping 10 meters full of RF! For every 10m QSO I’ve made so far from a SOTA peak, there was someone else on the other side…I appreciate you all.

For me it’s really not about the points, they are just a convenient way to sum it all up. The real benefits are not easily quantified. When I call CQ on 10 meters and hear someone come back to me (for example @K6HPX, who frequently checks for me and has worked me many times, even when I’m in other states), there is an excitement that only a true ham can begin to understand. A few beeps is all it takes, not even a “real” conversation, but you know there is a real friend out there. Thank you all.
73, Keith KR7RK


Congratulations Keith on achieving Mountain Goat all on 10m.

Jimmy M0HGY