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Korean SOTA photos

Hey all–

just a little tidbit that one of the activators here in the ROK, HL2IYQ, forwarded me this morning and thought you’d enjoy. He’s a regular activator on 2m, and I’ve actually had a few contacts with him (including S2S) when I activate farther up north.

these two are video/photo slideshows to watch:

HL/GG-049 http://www.mgoon.com/view.htm?id=4760333

HL/GW-227 http://www.mgoon.com/view.htm?id=4760333

Also, Wan-seok 6K5ZLH regularly uploads photos to his blog at
(for both SOTA and some aerial photography that he does).

SOTA Korea Club photos are put up fairly often at

from our group activations (there’s even one overnighter planned for this weekend to two of the lower summits of Korea’s second highest mountain, Jirisan).

Lastly, though currently backlogged by a month or two (yet I continue to constantly activate, lazy, I know!) is where I post my photos, gps routes, logs, etc at

Happy browsing!

73 de Jason

In reply to HL4ZFA:
I had no joy with the videos loading, I have read the blogs and was wondering what wheep means in the notes?

Looks a nice a place with good weather. oh dry day lit sunny days!

Sean M0GIA

In reply to M0GIA:

wheep = whip (antenna)

In reply to HL4ZFA:

^_^~ Is HL2IYQ where thinks thanks …

In reply to HL4ZFA:

Meosjin sajin! Gamsahabnida.

Well I really only remember “gam sa ham nida” as thank you if I’m honest.

It’s a few years since I was last in Korea and I would certainly like to return. I’d much prefer someone other than me to pay though! I spent nearly 15 weeks on and off in Korea from the end of 2003 and during 2004. I was providing on site support for my employers at a variety of Samsung mobile phone sites in Gumi, Suwon and Seoul. I remember working 10am-5pm on site, then working 8pm-2am in the hotel most days. The weekends were mine (mostly) but there was so much to see in the cities and I was so worn out after doing 2 days work per day that I never ventured out of town.

The only greenery I saw first hand was the amazingly tranquil gardens at a Buddhist Monestry just across the road from the hotel in Samseoung-dong, Seoul.

Ah, Google tells me it this place: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bongeunsa and if you look at this photo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Korea-Seoul-Bongeunsa-13.jpg then my hotel was the middle of the towers on the right. I’m sure there was a big tri-band amateur Yagi and tower on the top of the building on the left. It’s a few years but that might have been the Korea Electric or Seoul Electic building.

The big building at the end is the Korean World Trade Centre and here’s a view taken from near the main pedestrian entrance. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mm0fmf/6288989852/in/photostream

Seems a long, long time ago now Jason.


In reply to MM0FMF:

In reply to HL4ZFA:
spent nearly 15 weeks on and off in Korea from the end of 2003 and
during 2004. I was providing on site support for my employers at a
Seems a long, long time ago now Jason.

I can easily see how it seems like a long time ago–I first came to Korea in 2004…a bit has changed but not really (just the prices? :wink: Plus ça change, plus c’est pareil.

I know Seoul only barely enough, as I don’t live there. Sometimes, I think it’s greener than the countryside where I live (talking about in the city, but from my living room I’ve got fields going out in most directions–we’ll talk about this again in five years, eh?

Next time you come, no matter who’s bill it’s on, there’re more AZs than you can shake a stick at! Even with trail heads at metro stations! Talk about SOTA at your doorstep…

HL2IYQ was out and about on HL/GG-135 Munsusan yesterday afternoon–

here are some shots (he used a different service this time, maybe you can actually see it):

73 de HL4ZFA


SOTA HL2IYQ/p , 2011 - 11- 05

HL/GG-138 Bakdalsan 369 m

FM 145 Mhz Handy 2w + Road Ant

(Photo) http://tvpot.daum.net/clip/ClipViewByVid.do?vid=dEZTZIm8Xs0$

FYI: there’s a new video up from a group activation a couple of weeks ago out in Gangwon Province, you can check it out at

Also, I’d like to congratulate HL2IYQ who crossed the 100 activator point boundary during his activation of HL/GG-084 Bulamsan on Saturday (I even managed an S2S with him from HL/SL-001 on a joint outing with HL2OLP). He’s really only been active since June or July, and he’s been having fun at a good pace out in the hills of the 2 call area.

He’s forwarded me some photos that I’ll post up on 6k0fm.net sometime soon.

73 de HL land–

Jason HL4ZFA

In reply to HL2IYQ:

Congratulations on getting 100 activator points.

Jimmy M3EYP


I just realized he sent me a video Saturday night from this very activation:

This is a must see: http://cafe.daum.net/koreaqrpclub/JTDy/103

Now, I’ve been to the “Penis Park” out on the east coast in Samcheok with hundreds of carved wooded sculptures, and live closer by to the great grilled eel restaurants down in Gochang (eel is good for your “manpower,” FYI…goes in the same category as oysters and ginseng), where the appropriate decor is smattered about, but I haven’t (over the course of 70 unique summits) seen this on a peak before!

A nice collection of shots (with narrative) for HL3QBN’s Sunday activation on HL/CB-234 Guryongsan Sakatbong Peak

One of his QSOs from this very activation appears in the following video at 13 min 10 sec:

73 de Jason HL4ZFA

Check this out!

HL3QBN’s activation on Saturday on HL/CN-001 (where I did manage an S2S (170km on 2m) with him from HL/GG-044

–replete with goats! What more can you ask for ? ;)))


is a video of our group activation on HL/GG-044 Suraksan, though funnily enough looking at the photos I don’t remember it being “that cloudy.”

However, Sunday (yesterday) was crystal clear as we had a cold snap overnight, making the monthly Seoul hamfest quite chilly. That’s why there’s hot coffee and ramen, eh?

Still, I’d say the attendance was better than last month when the weather was actually warmer!

Some new photos and videos up here and there, most recently a chance meeting on top of HL/GG-015 Bukhansan Mountain, Baekundae peak, with DS1RHX who happened to respond to my CQ calls and then be up on top within the following half hour!


HL2IYQ’s been busy here and there, posting some videos of views from Cheonggyesan:


and Geomdansan:

Farther to the south (but still north of me;) HL3QBN has been active, on Jeoksangsan:

and Minjujisan:

(where a bunch of us will be activating HF for this year’s Int’l SOTA weekend overnight!)

There’s more but right off the top of my head this is what’s been happening in HL…

73 de Jason HL4ZFA

I forgot, on the weekend (Saturday) that both IYQ and I S2S-ing, a couple of hours later 6K5ZLH Wan-seok and his qrp were activating a much higher summit, still with snow (1600m) while “down below” I was experiencing the first azelea blossoms of the season…


In reply to HL4ZFA:
hello SOTA friends in Korea,
when will we get a chance for a QSO with you ?
I think that should be possible now and then
on 20, 17, or 15m.
I did nearly 200 contacts with summits in USA,
Canada, and Australia.

73 de Mike, DJ5AV

In reply to HL4ZFA:

I’m slowly refreshing the home page photos for the database as they were very UK centric. I’ve added a photo of HL2IYQ (from Flickr) just the other day and I’ll try to get some US and EU photos in there.


As the nights get warmer we’re staying out longer :wink:
More and more bivvy-ers are getting involved with SOTA over here, too–all this should increase your chances.

Plus it looks as if we have at least two different teams doing the overnight thing for the Int’l SOTA weekend in two weeks! 100W on SSB from here does work to get through into DE and many other places on 20 no problem–

In reply to DJ5AV:

In reply to HL4ZFA:
hello SOTA friends in Korea,
when will we get a chance for a QSO with you ?
I think that should be possible now and then
on 20, 17, or 15m.

Greetings all–

we’ve been busy here in HL-land, not only with last week’s International SOTA Weekend, but even just this last weekend saw many activators out and about–check out the shots (and even video footage care of IYQ)…the temperature is rising yes, but as it was over cast throughout much of the weekend things remained cool, yet humid (as is evidenced by that haze).

HL2IYQ hit two summits on Saturday:
(links from the pages)

HL3QBN and friend racked up 40 points in two days along the Deogyu Ridge, going (in order):
http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=HL/JB-004 South Deogyu
http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=HL/JB-007 Sakat
http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=HL/JB-005 Muryong
& lastly, the big mother
http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=HL/JB-002 Deogyu (Hyangjeok peak)

Saturday morning I went to a shorty, right from the bus terminal, Umyeonsan

After heading downhill and to the main KARL office, HL2OLP and I started sorting outbound QSL cards (there’s quite the backlog, as the nation’s former QSL manager post hasn’t been filled for a while), we got through A-M (entities), the rest will follow, so a mess of cards from Korea should be arriving in local bureaus quite soon, including SOTA cards from the last two years HI. After the directors’ meeting and dinner, both OLP and I having been kicked out of the office (no keys–and get this, nobody wants to sort QSL cards on a Saturday night :frowning: go figure) headed to immediately nearby Guryongsan for a midnight activation. The weather was very pleasant, the toads were out, and the beer was cold.

While on Guryongsan, we had an S2S with DS1RGC & DS1ETS who were doing an overnight camping activation on Bulamsan just across town:

Afterwards, we headed downhill to sleep at a Jimjilbang (like a sauna) in town ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jjimjilbang ) and got an early start on Sunday to go to the monthly hamfest at Yonsei University to do some tabling for SOTA, distribute QSLs and meet folks in general. (Eyeballs included OLP of course, HL2IYQ, HL1SAK (always on summits, never submits logs!), 6K2FXS, HL1EEK, HL1KKC, F4AAR, HL2KCZ, etc, etc, etc) and even some chasers, too!

As the junk (hamfest, in Konglish) was winding down, we heard 6K2FHW on

and I got a text from DS2SHC saying he was on
but couldn’t get his signal :frowning:

All that just this last weekend, /after/ ISW.
Last weekend’s ISW pictures are from HL2IYQ:

and HL3QBN (& HL3LHP):
(Minjujisan, where actually HL2OLP & I ran into these two on our way up to meet 6K5XZE for our overnighter, where I actually had a couple of “legit SOTA chases” from the UK (Wales and Scotland) on 14MHz)

Up this weekend is a SOTA/bivvy club beach camping (no mountains!) on the west coast of the HL3 area–there will be a station set up, though!

73 from down east–

Jason HL4ZFA