Korea activations 2nd April

I’m heading to HL/SL-012 with Jason HL4ZFA tomorrow, armed with HF gear, looking for DX contacts. Time around 0200-0300, depending on ascent time. Probably too late for NA, but please listen out.


Good luck and hope all goes well. I’m in South Korea in May and hoping to get a little Sota in… Regards, David. G4ZAO

Hi Andrew,

I can probably put up the squid pole around then. Am in Kobe, Japan.


I will try for a S2S from Mt Stromlo. I will spot on 14 and 18 ssb.

Good luck.

Andrew VK1AD

Might be a change of summit, but timing still roughly right.

Listened a lot called once. Heard your callsign and then just faint bits of CW. Might have been anyone calling you. Heard Tony VK3CAT/P call you - gud sig here - but otherwise only JA’s on the band. 400 km too far?
Sorry I could not help make up the numbers.

73 Ron

Hi Andrew

Great to work you, even if it was a bit of a struggle, I was out at the NCRG Club Rooms and had the advantage of a 5 elm mono bander at about 50 feet. Could not find a set of headphones but careful tweaking of the antenna I able to get you.

Sorry my sending was not great on the straight key. It was sticking at times too which didn’t help. I could also just hear you on 20 near the end but not enough to work you.

Enjoy your trip.

73 John VK6NU


Nil heard on 18 mhz, nil on 21 while John was working you. :frowning:

Next time…

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

Only got John from VK6. Worked 2 S2S in Japan, with difficulty on 20m. Tried calling Andrew 1AD a few times on his spotted frequencies, but nothing heard.

Part of the issue seemed to be orientation of the dipole - due to the track, I was oriented ‘beaming’ east/west rather than north/south. The other was that 20m was very variable throughout the day. No problem at the start of the activation on SSB, by the time I moved to CW an hour or two later, Japan was barely legible.

Hi Andrew,
Made a dash to a nearby park here in Kobe to work you and set up just off a walking track. I heard VK6NU working you. I heard you just above the noise on 15 metres CW. I called and heard a ?. Signals then dropped away.
I also heard VK1MB?.

Cheers Glenn VK3YY/JP3PBQ/HL1ZIB

Andrew VK1MBE and I were sitting on Mt Stromlo in the shade of a tall pine tree. Glenn did you hear Andrew 1MBE calling on 21.300 MHz?

We worked JA chasers and Yukio JF1NDT/1 S2S.
Station FT-857D @ 80 watts in to a 1/2 wave inverted V at 9 metres AGL.

Also worked JA and ZL on 18.145 MHz plus a S2S with Andrew VK1DA/2 on ST-044. There is much to be discovered using 17m which IMHO is an underutilised band in VK. I encourage all VK fullcalls to try 18 MHz, brilliant for JA and ZL chasers to pickup VK summits. Tadashi JA1VRY is a regular VK chasers on 17m.

Andrew VK1AD