KK4NQQ Heads to Alaska

Finally got married and we spent our Honeymoon with an Alaska Cruise!

Check out my blog for a few pics!

Best wishes to you and Kendall!

73, Hal, N6JZT

PS I’m such a geek I note you were married on the 44th anniversary of the first moon landing… :slight_smile:

LOL I know!!! I googled the date before and researched some of the historical events.

If the moon landing was day #1 then I was born on day #365

Congrats on your marriage. Fancy going on honeymoon to somewhere that doesn’t (yet) have a SOTA association. On second thoughts, that’s probably a very good idea!


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Way-to-go John and Kendall! Congratulations and all the best.

Larry, W6UB

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I am surprised nobody asked to crucial question: Will you bring some portable rig in your luggage? HI…

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Good one John and congratulations - may it be a long and loving one! Your trip brings back great memories of a few years ago?

Both Anne GM4UXX (XYL) and myself headed off on an ‘Inner-Sound’ cruise from Vancouver eventually up and over into the Yukon (not all the way by boat of course there tends to be big rocks in the way not good for boats I am told?)

En-route I operated on the open top-deck, CW mainly 20M, with a loaded whip clipped onto the railings. Keeping things low key (so-to-speak) though a bit difficult with a b****y great whip I had a few interesting suspicious looks from our fellow passengers - a possible spy in their midst? Eventually one of the waiters came over to ask what I was about? Being a great follower of football - not (sorry Tom!) I mentioned that I was listening to one of the soccer (for our fellow NA readers) matches back in the UK via the BBC World Service (sounded good to me (:>) and the waiter being of a South American parentage seemed perfectly satisfied that any keen football fan would be desperate to keep up to date (even though it was the off season back in the home - hi!). Just glad he didn’t ask me to remove my earphones or he would have heard the morse. Though I suppose I could have have mentioned that it was a recorded game from before the First World War - though I don’t think it would have ‘washed’?

And John. What a great name your new XYL has - Kendall. Wonder if the lineage goes back to Kendal in English Lake District?


Jack (;>J