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I have begun a blog about my adventures in SOTA and Ham Radio. Since I am new to the hobby I invite everyone to stop by and leave their comments so we can all learn from each others experience. Also add any recommendations for future articles. Thanks everyone.

73’s and Keep Climbing!

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Hi, could you give a link? Thanks!

73, Hal N6JZT

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Yea that would be good wouldn’t it lol

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Thanks John! I enjoyed reading your blog! The info on the ILBE is good 'coz I don’t really have a good pack.Y ou might like to take a look at my own blog http://halssota.wordpress.com/

73, Hal N6JZT

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John, super presentation. Very informative, and I’m looking forward to reading of your experiences of future activations.

Larry W6UB

Here is my SOTA Blog

Check it out: http://wx4et.blogspot.com

73 Erik WX4ET