Kitt Hill Part 2

Greetings one and all.

Big thanks to all the chasers and also the S2S for Todays log.

 Today almost got off to a none starter. In Future must have check list as when got 6 miles down the road one suddenly noticed the lack of telescopic 8m pole. It was still in the shed DOHHHH :scream:

So after U turn back home and delayed by good half an hour one finally arrived to a lovely surrounding again and the low clouds and mist backs across the Cornish and Devon valley namely the Tamar river valley. And also very over cast with what looked like threatening clouds of dark from the south coming in off the sea. Possible thunder storm brewing yet came to nothing thankfully.

 So Its break out the kit from the car and up onto the fortress part of the hill on where the locals Kept out the invaders from Europe namely Saxons.

Putting up of the antenna turned out this time to be quite simple with better guy lines and the new Inverted L 1/2 40m antenna was up. Just matter setting up radio ACU and the 9:1 Home brew unun.

 10 minutes later,s the battery's connected and the radio burst into life still on 20mb with well heavy heavy lightening static noise and then proceeded to tune in the Inverted L with fairly good ease to a Very LOW SWR. But first things first lets go S2S hunting and with in minutes clocked 3 S2S from YO/MC-052  OE/OO-070 and I/PM338 there was a good number of S2S going on too nice to hear.

So Settled on 14320 afterwards and the spot no doubt had worked good number stations came flying in on freq in Including DD5LP/p on his hill DA/AV-071 good the catch you Ed.

 Then tried 28mhz and forgot to ention first contact on 20m was EA2LU and was surprised to find him on 10m as did mention was going up there afterwards and there he was awaiting for me.

 40m pulled few out of the noise etc including young Mike from G/SP-017 and Karl and his Australian counterpart friend on G/TW-002. So three more S2S,s clocked. But surprised was doing so well into CT and EA as well.

Now note little confused here as looked on Internet for the Trig point TP-4256 but on the trig it was 3438 so not sure which one is correct any one in know please let me know thanks.

 80m tune din very well 40 was bit of pain but 80m tuned straight in now problems but nothing heard.

 15M spoke with a LY2PX so one contact made on there, and Tried 10m again but noted the ALC was not responding so left 10m and went back to 20m on where the lightening static was still very very heavy indeed. Could not quite reach F/AB-274 tried but too QSB to him yet could hear him OK. Then little further up the freq I found a S2S party starting with F/AB-274 and then myself to three operators on YO/MC-052.

 Downing of the portable shack not take long before it was put all away and you not known I have been there. So the Inverted L 40m 1/2w Home brew is working, just needs better tuning down on 40m, but was about 1:3 so not that high. prefer it right at bottom me reflection needle. So One day another summit is called for will have to start planning the next one as feel more better about getting the station set up and with minor problems.

Now its time for a Big Logging off on PC for Sota, Eqsl and and of course the paper logs

Thanks to all again whom got me on air today

Karl M3FEH/p from G/DC-003


Nice one Karl. Pity you didn’t get an activator point for it this time, but them’s the rules!

The embossed numbers on the trig point plates do not correspond to the reference numbers on, which are used by the WAB award. Always best to research and make a not of the TP number before heading out (although I nearly always forget).

Tonight I will be on from The Cloud G/SP-015 with trig point TP6366 and WAB area SJ96. I’ll do some 10m between around 7 and 7.45pm, then it will be the 70cm SSB contest 8pm to 10.30pm. After then, enthusiasm permitting, I hope to be QRV on 6m for some MS activity - and hopefully see the Perseids meteor shower as well.

OK tom will have a listen for you.

Not worried about the sota point, those are the stated rules.
This was a trip back to make sure the 1/2 inverted V 40m h/brew antenna worked and and can get set up proper like. Happy way its gone and gave few more peoples chance to work the G/DC-003 as a few did mention a new one for them as well clocking up at least 9 S2S. And giving one EA a 10m challenge point also.

   Now happy with both antennas and next saving for is a lipo battery to reduce me PSU weight as using a big one at moment and is bloody heavy about 7kg but handy if you need to load up phone recharge or dying battery on car and its a power house unit big yellow and heavy and bulky prob 6 times size of a lipo :smile:

Its all experience gained .

Have a good one tonight fella


Well done Karl you are now officially infected :wink:

No sign of the Dragon of Kitt Hill I wonder if she is now no more than legend recalled by activators of an age past…

73 de Paul G4MD

I left her at home LOL :open_mouth:

That,s a new one on me.


Please do expand on this Paul, sounds interesting !


Once upon a time long long ago there was a Country Park Warden who drove a battered old Land Rover and had a fearsome reputation for seeing off would-be Activators from Kitt Hill. So dreaded was she that she was given the honorary title of the Dragon of Kitt Hill as a salutary warning to any bold enough to attempt to raise their aerials thereupon…



I am one who had fire breathed onto him by the Dragon, and lived to tell the tale (and qualified the summit).

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We’ve all made this mistake Karl, in fact I think Tom alludes to it in his good WAB TP article in PW this/last month. As Tom says look up the details on for the accurate reference.

That’s the spirit, I tend to refine my kit all the time, each activation has a lesson somewhere. Repeat SOTA activations are a great opportunity to try out new equipment and play with some changes, despite no points being earned! There’s always the S2S award to go for, which you have already made a good start on :wink:

Now I’m off to the Brecon Beacons for a few days - hope to catch you tomorrow/Thursday from a summit or two.

73, James M0JCQ


Dragon hmmmmm thinks she might be frightened of me,
Loads people up there today, no one invaded my space LOL.

Its an public recreation area open to the public and am airing my right to broadcast as an radio ham in open spaces. At end of day, I do not leave a mess or disturb the surrounding country side by using my head phones UNLIKE some that just chuck there litter any old where gets my goat.

Karl :slight_smile:

PS My logs have been updated on Sota watch :slight_smile:

While I managed survive the Dragon’s fire-breathing on Kit Hill, I didn’t escape being hit by XYL “justajobs” this teatime. As such, aspirations to play 10m ahead of tonight’s contest have been shattered. I will start up on 70cm SSB at 8pm BST. I still hope to play 6m after 10.30pm, and watch the meteors in clear sky.

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Best make sure you never use that wording, Karl. IIRC it is against NT laws (and some other organisations) to “broadcast” from their land without permission. On the other hand, if challenged we can tell them that our transmitting license specifically forbids us to “broadcast” so the rule cannot apply to us any more than it applies to owners of mobile phones - and their own handies!

Sorry I missed you, I was into some heavy gardening today!


Thankfully the Dragon was just leaving for her tea break by the time I got there as I had activated Brown Willy earlier… Hmmm, that reminds me, must get back to BW sometime. I see it every time we drive down to my daughter’s house in St Austell. I only hope a return visit is as enjoyable as the first (using my Class B call option of course). :slight_smile:

Brian, if it stays dry, you will no doubt have to apply some heavy water this evening… :wink:

I’m fresh out of D2O but am regularly applying the common or garden variety to everything except my malt! Yesterday on the radar I watched a line of heavy rain approaching but just as it reached me it split like the Red Sea for the Israelites so I got just a few spots!


Hello Karl,
Well done with your experiments and the activation.
I think keep tweaking things :smile:
I listened out for you on 40M but no go and the band was pretty bad here. Always another day…
Night night