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Kirkby Moor Qualified on 23cms

GB3SE is a bit out of range to the LD’s and a few watts erp isn’t enough to work you on a reflection, I think.
But you have done well with that many QSO’s and unique callsigns.

If you hadn’t spotted it, the DJ-G7 power socket is identical to the Yaesu 817 an Yaseu VX-170. This means all my SOTA Yaesu leads work with the Alinco as well. Winner, winner, chicken dinner :wink:

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I had read your post from a couple of years ago that mentioned that.

I didn’t really want to have a wonder lead to a battery in my pocket or such like.

I have read since ordering the empty battery box that the radio runs at reduced power using that. But I do suspect that it’s only because it tells you to set “Dry Battery” in the power menu.
Plus if the rechargeable battery does fail, I’ll likely restuff it.

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I’ve just had a recount - I’d missed a load, so it’s actually 164 QSOs (including three more this afternoon).


Show off!
Seriously, well done Ross.

Thank you Andy.
But it does show the level of activity on 23cm FM in the NW - almost all of my portable operation is in the early afternoon (1:30-3pm), often on weekdays and I reckon that I have a 75% chance of getting at least one contact from my calls on 1297.5.
And I’m very pleased with the little Alinco - it’s certainly had a lot more use in the last three years than in its previous ten! The original Li-ion batteries are holding up well: yesterday I must have spent over an hour chatting with three stations without it going flat (I do carry the spare with me, but so far have never needed to switch over).

Incidentally, one of my regular contacts is Dave GW8TBY (in Rhyll) and he’s fitted his SGL 23cm transverter inside an old FT290R (in place of the battery-case) to make a self-contained 23cm multimode portable. Furthermore, he’s set the IF for 146-148MHz, so he’s never troubled with breakthrough from 2m.
I suppose that the same could be done fitting an SGL 13 or 9cm unit inside an old FT790R.


That really is clever especially the choice of upper 2m IF. That’s an inspired idea.


Yes, love the idea of the higher 2mtr I.F. When I’m out with Chris M0KPW its always a battle between us if I go on to 1297.500 using the SG-Labs