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KI4TN Set to make GOAT today on Waterrock Knob, W4C/WM-005

Ron, KI4TN, expects to make GOAT today, 2/23/18, on Waterrock Knob, W4C/WM-004. On Air Time estimated to be 17:00 +/-. Work Liz too! They are an amazing SOTA Duo! Dean ~ K2JB


Great job Ron, congratulations on MG status. Thanks for all ur activations and chaser points. Always looking for you and Liz.
73 GL
Bill WB0KIU.

Congratulations Ron on making Mountain Goat today ! You and Liz have really been showing up almost everyday it seems. Thanks for all the activations. 73 de Scotty KG3W

Congratulations on your Mountain Goat status Ron! Always nice to work you and Liz.
Thanks for all the work!
Gary K3TCU

Pleased that we were able to participate in the occasion!
Merle and Herm


Congrats on Goat, you and Liz have been busy. Could hear others calling, but could only catch your call once or twice. Hope you and Liz are enjoying the adventures, sure sounds like it.

Congrats again,

Mike, N4VBV

Congratulations, Ron, on achieving Mountain Goat! I look forward to more contacts with you and Liz.

Peter KD0YOB

Way to go Ron! I wished I could have chased you, it’s always great to get you in my log.


Congrats on achieving Mt Goat Ron! It was great to be able to work you on your MG summit from Colorado. I know Liz won’t be far behind ;-).

73, Brad

My Good Friend Ron,
Proud of you and sending congratulations! Tried to QSO with you yesterday but it was not to be. Looking forward to shaking your hand at our next country hams breakfast. Hopefully I am right behind you.
–John. KJ4ZFK

Big Congrats and BAAA, Ron!

Ken, K6HPX

Way to Go, Ron!!

CU in the pile for more S2Ss, G2Gs …Yah!

73, Steve/wGOAT

Congratulations, Ron, on achieving Mountain Goat. I always look forward to working both you and Liz on every summit. Lucky, thrilled, and honored to be your 4th on this summit. I hope that soon we can all celebrate Liz’s turn at achieving MG.

73, Bruce W2SE

Congrats Ron!! and thanks you very much for the QSO, as always your sigs were fine here. See you in the next one!
73s GL

Congratulations on your achievement Ron. Well done OM!
73, Dan NA6MG

Thanks, everyone, for all the nice comments. It is the people that keeps us interested as there has never been a better bunch of folks. We will keep going as long as our health holds out and our next goal is to get Liz’s Mountain Goat too. We have to justify buying that KX2!


Congrats Ron and looking forward to more mountain top Q’s with you and Liz.


Congratulations Ron. Always looking for you and Liz on the air. Keep up the good work and keep hiking…AB4PP

Well Done Ron and Liz! I tried to call you that day – could barely hear you under the noise but no contact. I look forward to seeing ya’ll in April.
Scott kw4jm

Congrats Ron. Always enjoy working you and Liz on the Summits. Well done! 73 Karen