KH6 V/UHF operation

In Mid Jan I have a chance to visit KH6, then will operate KH6/JH0CJH. Mainly HF from staying hotel, but at this time I wish to activate Diamond head using handy FM radio. Please anyone tell me how to operate 144MHz and 430MHz in KH6. I got to know 144.200 and 432.10MHz are the US national calling frequency. Is it for FM or SSB? Around this frequency is generally used for SSB and CW then FM signal surely make interruption to SSB and CW QSO. Then where is the FM calling frequency?

In Japan, recent operation procedure of FM in V/UHF is
1 Find the open frequency
2 Announce that open frequency in calling frequency
3 QSY to open frequency and CQ calling.

Is the style same in US KH6?

Hello! The frequencies you mention are SSB. The FM ones are 146.52 and 446.0.

I’ve done entire activations on 146.52, due to lack of traffic on the calling frequencies here (W6). It is preferable to move to another frequency if possible, however. So the procedure you lay out makes sense.


Hi Rex
Thank you for your response. I noted the calling freq in US. But if it is the case I cannot QRV FM in 2m and 0.7m band. Because by US Japan reciprocal license agreement, JA station cannot transmit the freq out side of JA license frequency bad. Anyway I do not have a rig which can tx on these freq range then I have to give up 144 and 430MHz FM operation. Then SSB and CW operation by FT-817 is required for KH6 SOTA for me. Do you know if SSB and CW activity in 144 and 430MHz is high in KH6?

Ah, I see what you’re saying.

I do not know what the activity on those bands is like in KH6, but I bet you could get some people to listen on 144 SSB, by perhaps contacting a club ahead of time.

The best way is to post in advance SOTA alert and to specify your operational frequencies, modes and estimated time. Although, it may be difficult to find local people who operate CW/SSB UHF/VHF. If you can work HF - this will improve your chance of successful activation.

Hi Rex, Oleh,
ok will do so, thanks mate