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KG3W 30X Shack Sloth

Congratulations Scotty on achieving 30X Shack Sloth (or 3X Super Sloth) Well done!

Walt NE4TN

Congrats Great Job.
73 de W4DOW (Dow)

Congrats Scotty on hitting the 30K chaser mark. Takes a lot of time in front of the radio but always fun doing so. Always good to hear your call in the chaser calls.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Pretty big deal considering Scottys power. Congrats

A big Congrats, Scotty. Always great to hear the chasers when on the hilltop, even though I don’t have that may yet. Nice job!

Mike, N4VBV

Congratulations Scotty !!!
Rich N4EX

Congrats! Especially with QRP!

73 de NU7A [Bren]

Congrats Scotty on 30K. You also quailfy for the “Hanging in there Award.”

I can always count on the last, weak, 559 QRP station I work on my activations being KG3W.

C U @ 40K soon. Congrats my friend…



Thanks everyone for the words of encourgement. Everyday, I look forward to seeing what stations might be on for the new day, and what the propagation condx are like.
Just in case everyone did not get my memo; I now have the ability to run up to 100 watts as necessary. In November, for my birthday, I ordered a 100 watt solid state amp from Elecraft to match my qrp K3. My stats show I’m running 80% CW and 20% SSB.
I’m still using qrp for most all of my CW calls. But now I can help boost my SSB signal a little bit with the amp. My antenna is still a 44 foot doublet at 24 foot peak. By this summer though, I’ll have a Hex beam up and running. Sweet!!! Worked Pat, KI4SVM yesterday , to put me over the 30K mark. Got my first ever 57 report on SSB, and I was only running 60 watts.
Thanks for all the activators and chasers. You all , Make My Day better. 73 de Scotty

Hello and admiration from NH. Nice way to finish the year!
Merle and Herm

Congrats on the QRP achievement Scotty. I was amazed to find out a year or so ago that you were QRP. You always sound loud to me. That amp is a nice one and sure makes a diff on SSB. 73 and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Tommy W7RV in freezing Arizona (31 deg)

Congrats Scotty,
Impressive QRP achievement! Be listening for you on the summits.
Best 72,
Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations Scotty.

Malcolm VE2DDZ