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Keith KR7RK - Double Super Sloth

Congratulations Keith!

Jeff K6QCB

Congratulations Keith! It’s always a pleasure to connect with you—whether it’s a joint activation, a S2S QSO, or one of us chasing the other for a SOTA QSO. Your achievements and dedication are inspiring!

73, Paul K9PM

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Congrats, Keith, for those 20K chaser points. I’ve chased you 18 times so far, but I haven’t been chased by you yet, although it’s mainly my fault because most of my activation have taken place in my morning, when it’s far too early for you at the West side of the Atlantic Ocean. But I hope, with the apparent conditions improvement we’re seeing lately, it will happen sooner or later.
Keep up the good work.

Guru (on my way to reach 30K chaser points)

Guru, I’ve tried to chase you but so far no openings…one of these days I will find an opening! Or perhaps an S2S next time we have a NA<->Euro S2S party?
Thanks de KR7RK

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Congratulations Keith! Hope to work you more in the future.

Steve -N7MQ

I’m sure we’ll have a chance soon. I’ve just chased Attila W7AMR activating the 10-pointer W7A/AW-011 and he’s been arriving here very clear for quite a long time. He was very QRS and it took him some time and several QRS repeats from me to pick up my preffix EA but he finally got it and we completed our DX QSO successfully.
I was very happy with this 8883 Km DX.
For the next EU<>NA S2S event, I think I’ll bring my IC-706MKIIG in order to have a bit more output, because the 5watts of the FT-817ND seem to be a bit too little.


Way to go Keith! FB OM!!!

de Joe KE9AJ

Congratulations Keith!!

Don’t know how you find the time! Congratulations on milestone.


Awesome Keith!!! Dedicated to the chasing and the activating!