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Keith KR7RK - Double Super Sloth

Today, Keith crossed the 20,000 Chaser point threshold.
Congratulations on achieving Double Super Sloth!
When Keith isn’t Chasing, he is busy being Chased. I sense yet another big milestone for Keith is fast approaching. :wink:

Keep up the great work!

73, Bruce W2SE


Nice work Keith!

I appreciate that you always try all the bands… amazing how some of those “closed” bands work just fine! :beers:

Keep up the good work!!


Double Congrats Keith for a whole lot of OTA time playing SOTA. Thanks for being in my logs so regularly!

73, Woody/K1LB

Keep up the good work Keith, With all the summiting you do it is a wonder that you have time to chase:wink::wink::wink: I better keep going or you will catch me.
Jack kb7hh

Congratulations Keith. Hope to work you many more times on 10m! Thanks
for attending the SOTA/CWA Meeting last night.
Bill, K0MP

Enough sloth around, Time to get back goat work! :rofl:

Congrats! 73, Steve/wGOAT

Congrats Keith on your super-sloth X 2 achievement. You are in my log quite frequently as both chaser and activator. Looking forward to many more. 73 Gary

Congratulations Keith. Job well done.
Always a good chance to work you on the air.
Keep up the good work.

de John Paul // AB4PP

Great going, Keith! Congratulations on a huge milestone!

Thanks for working me on so many summits!

73, Dave, AE9Q


Thanks for all the summit points. Always great to hear your callsign in the mix. Next time you are through Missouri be sure to activate one of our summits!

John N0EVH

Congrats Keith. Ive got your call in my log a few times! Tnx for the S2S last weekend as well.
73 Mike NS1TA

Congrats Keith - I suspect a significant number of those chases were S2S since you’re seemingly always on a summit! 73 Rick, WB0USI

Congrats Keith,
We have talked 12 times in just over 2 years.


Congrats Keith!
Special treat for K9PM and I to work you /M today while driving back to the plant from lunch!
All best, Ken

Congratulations, Keith! I too am amazed to hear you chasing when you were on a summit just hours earlier.
Peter KD0YOB

Congratulations Keith! Great achievement! You sure add to the SOTA enjoyment! Bob AC1Z

Congratulations Keith! Although, I’m thinking I should have waited just a little bit and combined the kudos with your eminent Double Goat achievement ( 1952 & counting)! Regardless, you are an inspiration! By the way, 127 SOTA completes across 19 associations is also very impressive in ~3 years! SOTA on, Keith!

–Chris K7TAB

Congratulations Keith on this HUGE milestone!!

Ariel NY4G

Wow, great job Keith.


Quinton NU7Y

Congratulations, Keith! You are in our logs many times and hope to catch you many more.:hiking_boot:

Ron and Liz