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KE5AKL now a triple MG

Congrats to Mike, KE5AKL, on reaching 3,000 points as an activator. Ninety-five percent of his points came after the start of 2012, and he is the only triple Goat outside Europe. Maybe he’s the guy inside the Energizer Bunny suit banging the drum in those TV commercials?? If so, then he needs to bang out some dashes to go along with all those dots. Photo at top of page here:


Elliott, K6EL
Stat Rat


Very impressive indeed! Congrats Mike and thanks so much for all the fun chasing you all over the west and southwestern parts of the USA. John N0EVH

Congratulations Mike, great achievement.


3K MG nice one keep them a coming


Congratulations, Mike, thanks for the many contacts! Walt NE4TN

Congrats Mike - Thanks for all the contacts, I’m right behind you (way, WAY off in the distance) !!
73 Rick WB0USI

Congrats Mike on making 3X MG. You’re my second most worked activator after Dan NA6MG. Always recognize your CW before you even send your call.

Gary a - W0MNA


Congratulations and Thanks Mike for all the continuing CW chases. Like Gary (W0MNA) said , you are my second most worked CW activator . Always able to pick my signal out of the either. 72 and keep on truckin. de Scotty KG3W

Thanks everyone, for the many contacts and for the spotting help. And thanks to El for noticing… :smile:



A Triple GOAT!!! So in the spirit of the season I say Bah Bah Bah (without the Humbug).

Nice to see an former Arizona Boy, now from New Mexico, do so well. Congrats Mike!


A rare breed of goat indeed. Awesome job MIke.

Congrats Mike, Great Job
Always good to hear and work you on the bands
Good Job 72 (Dow) W4DOW W4V Chaser

Congrats Mike, your call is in my SOTA log many times !
It’s been tougher getting you and and the western activators since I moved to FL, but I keep after it !
Keep up the great job…72/73 de Ed N7EDK

Well done, Mike!
Ken, K6HPX

wow 3x Mountain goat, that takes some serious dedication and time. I think i’d need to retire to get the time to do that much activating! it took me over 10 years to get 100 activating points! lol.

Not sure how this thread got reactivated. KE5AKL is now a 4x Goat, along with two others in W5N. Trivia question: who is the only activator, world wide, who qualifies as a Goat on bonus points alone? G4YSS.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT

G4YSS…Interesting…MIke AD5A



John @G4YSS is a remarkable activator. You should trawl back and read his report at G4yss six & 60:ld37-ld3-ld22-ld7-ld10-ld8 15-03-09 John sent me his GPS track from this circuit and it was just amazing to see on my mapping. Although it is off topic, he is I think the only person to activate a WAB square OV00 http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1138643. Of course someone may know otherwise.