KD5ZZK has QSO with Bob Heil K9EID

Yesterday, I was chasing KD5ZZK, Andrew, as he was hiking and activating summit in one of NA’s newest Associations, W5M Missouri. I couldn’t hear Andrew but I could hear others chasing him and then I heard K9EID throw his call sign out. A QSO ensued that I only heard one side of, but I’ve been told it was a great interview and Bob is not only excited about SOTA, but recorded the exchange and will air it on Ham Nation next week (Should be 5MAR14).

Great job Andrew and great job Ham Nation for promoting our activities. They have had a few videos and mentions of SOTA in the last few weeks and months.


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Good stuff Curtis (and Andrew).
I put a Heil on my head at least once a day :sunglasses:
Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

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FB on talking to Bob Heil. Now if Bob can arrange it so I can meet Bob’s chum Mr. Walsh WB6ACU then Bob is guaranteed the unending support of the database manager! For those who don’t know Mr. Walsh uses Bob’s products both at home and at work.

Here is a video of Mr Walsh at work. He’s being helped by some blokes called Mr. Cropper and Mr. Dunn.


Andy “Funk-49” MM0FMF

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OK and now I’ll post the video of him using Bob’s product!


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Good stuff - love it.
Rock n roll Andy.
Good boy Joe even though he is wrecked!
Mike G6TUH

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Oops… I incorrectly posted W5M when Missouri is W0M… pardon the mistake.

Yea I also overheard all of that and found it interesting…
Thanks KD5ZZK for his work and ativating all the summits.
W4DOW Chaser in W4V