KC5CW coming to Greece


I’m traveling to Greece and staying at the Ramada Attica Riviera 16Aug-23Aug. I am bringing my Extra License paper copy and CEPT information but I am not sure what the proper format is to say my call sign and also would love to meet up with a local SOTA activator for an easy activation. I’m recently out of the hospital from a shattered Tibia as well as diverticulitis surgery 2 weeks ago so a drive up summit is about all I can do. I’m bringing my FT-991a and my KX3 so I can do some QRO from the hotel/beach and either KX3 or 991a from a summit. If anyone has suggestions or help in how to sign, please reach out.

Curtis kc5cw

It’s in the CEPT document… SV/KC5CW/P

Many European licencing bodies have dropped the /P /M requirements but using doesn’t hurt.

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