KB7CWV Achieves Mountain Goat

Congratulations to my wife Lin, KB7CWV, for achieving Mountain Goat Status on W7A/AW-022 Mount Ord at 1659z, 23/07/2019. She set a lofty goal to reach mountain goat status 6 months ago while at 500 points by her birthday and she made it. This was accomplished using only phone, SSB and FM during solar minimum.



Yay! Another YL in the MG :goat:herd. Congrats to Lin. 73 Karen

Congratulations to you Lin. It’s always nice to hear you here in NW PA.

Congratulations, Lin, and what a fun activity you planned for your birthday! I wish the propagation spirits would have allowed me to work you and wish you congratulations on the air. I had to settle for listening to other chasers work you. :wink: Great accomplishment on your part and welcome to the Mountain Goat herd!

Paul K9PM

Congratulations Lin, sorry I missed you today. 73 Tom NQ7R

Congratulations, Lin! Well done and hard earned!


Mike AC0PR

Congratulations Lin, as a Lady Mountain Goat and wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

73 de W7AMR
#4 caller today

Congratulations, Lin! Welcome to the Herd! Happy Birthday, too!!

I listened for you on four different bands today, but propagation just wasn’t cooperating. Looking forward to your MG Dinner Celebration!


Dave, AE9Q

Congratulations Lin on achieving Mountain and Happy Birthday as well.

Jimmy M0HGY

Well done Lin and Happy Birthday

Big Congrats and happy birthday, Lin! Welcome to the herd, and BAAA!
Nice 40M signal into S. AZ.
Look forward to the celebration gathering.
All Best, Ken and Kay

I’m sorry too Tom and thank you. de KB7CWV

Congrats to Lin…Arizonas 2nd LADY GOAT. Quite an accomplishment!!!

Looking forward to the celebration!!!

Pete WA7JTM and Paula N7TXT

Sorry for all the deleted messages, but they didn’t seem to post correctly.

I’m also trying to get Lin her own reflector access but she is not getting the validation e-mail.


Yayyyyyyyyy Lin! So awesome and you and Lee are an inspirational team for sure! Sure wish I could have logged you but no joy on any band - but I sure heard others so I know you were up there having a lot of fun!

Looking forward to the Mountain Goat party and some belated Birthday cake!

Baaaa and 73,
Keith KR7RK

Congratulations Lin. I am glad I made it into your Mountain Goat log.
Jeff K6QCB

Conrats Lin! Glad I had the chance to work you on your Goat Summit!



Congrats on making MG status and on your birthday none the less. Always a pleasure to work you and Lee. Hope to work you again often.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congratulations. Job Well Done!
Glad I got to work you on some of those.
de John Paul // AB4PP