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KB1RJC & KB1RJD NA's newest MG's

Herm(RJC) & Merle(RJD) both just achieved Mountain Goat while completing their fourth QSO’s with Doug W1DMH. I had the pleasure of meeting them a few years back and can say that they are just as wonderful a couple in person as they appear to be via radio waves. Congratulations to both of you.

73 Rich N4EX


Congratulations. Always a pleasure to work you both. Keep it up.

Phil, NS7P

Congratulations Merle and Herm. A great achievement! You are two enthusiastic and dedicated SOTA Activators and Chasers. Thank you for the many SOTA contacts. Bob AC1Z

Congratulations to Merle and Herm for achieving mountain goat status and thanks for the qso’s. :wink:


Herm and Merle I always enjoy contacting you two, Congratulations!

Congrats Merle and Herm on Mountain Goat Status. Always a pleasure to work you. Gary a. - W0MNA

Congratulations Merle. Congratulations Herm. It is always a pleasure to work you. 73, Malcolm VE2DDZ

Congrats to both Herm & Merle. East Coast always needs more goats. And I’m a secret fan girl of Merle.

Awesome, congrats to you both…Baa…Mike AD5A

Nice. Our longest lasting climber-couple… nearly six years. Smart, too, as they mostly avoided winter. Doesn’t hurt that Merle is queen of the Summit Sisters… Congrats to both.

Ellliott, K6EL


Always a pleasure to work you.
Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations Herm and Merle on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats to the two of you! Welcome to the herd!
Mike NS1TA

Congratulations Merle and Herm. Always a pleasure to contact you both. Walt NE4TN

Good show, Herm and Merle !!
George N1GB

It was a very plesant surprise to have my first eyeball QSO with both Merle and Herm on Mount Greylock W1/MB-001, followed a few days later by on-air QSO’s with them from their Goat summit on Mountain Goat day.
Congratulations to both Merle and Herm on a terrific achievement !

VY 73 de Bruce W2SE

Well Done! Have enjoyed our QSOs and face-to-face linkups and hope for many more.
Warm regards and 73!

BRAVO, Merle & Herm! Excellent work!

Thank you for all the chases when propagation permitted!

73, Steve/wGOAT

Congratulations Merle and Herm,

I’ve enjoyed chasing you both on 40 meters through the years and it was a special treat to be in your logbook when you became Goats.

Welcome to the herd.


Congratulations! Very well deserved. They have been both working together towards MG since 2011 activating over 200 summits with over 150 of them uniques. Average points/activation ~ 5. You have to work real hard and persevere to have those kinds of numbers and they did it as a team. Bravo!