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K7ZZQ breaks 100 activator points in W7N land!

K7ZZQ surpassed 100 activator points - only the 4th to achieve this milestone in W7N land - congrats Johnny!


Thank you Rick for your continued help and assistance not only to me but to other members of our club and community. I’ve removed at least 16 pounds of weight in my pack from my first two activation to now as you know.

Congratulations Johnny on achieving 100 activator points.

Jimmy M0HGY

Way to go Johnny! I’m glad to have worked you yesterday.

The points will keep on adding up …

Andy, N4LAG

Congrats Johnny for working your way up both the Activator and also the Chaser roll-call lists.
In fact your nipping at my heals!!
Nice that a lot of those points are in W7N land.
When I see your call in the daily spot list I look for your signal. So far we connected when you were on Francis Peak.
Rick, WB0USI is an enthusiastic coach; he helped me a great deal when I was less than six months into the SOTA sport! Thanks again Rick!
With winter bonus season close, that will help boost your point count in W7N. Otherwise, points are hard won in the Silver State compared to the same effort expended at our adjacent neighbors.
Good luck on your quest to MG!

72, Woody, K1LB