K7ODX latest n.a. goat

BIG CONGRATS RYAN! K7ODX became North America’s latest (and Utah’s first!) mountain goat on Heliotrope Mountain, W7U/SP-001, a previously unactivated 10-pointer, 11,141 ft. high. Well done!

Welcome to the herd, Baaa!


Congratulations Ryan on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Ryan! And super cool that you could share it with your son KF7CTR!

Keith KR7RK

Great job Ryan. Congrats on the achievement and thanks for the new summit.

Randy, ND0C

Congrats Ryan, great job representing Utah!!! sorry missed you OTA today…

Congrats Ryan, Pleased to work you on your MG Summit. Glad your son was there to celebrate with you.
73 Gary W5ODS

Congrats, Ryan. Sorry I couldn’t copy you today to be an official part of your milestone ;-).

73 Paula k9ir

Ryan, thanks for those unique summits in UT. Congrats on goat!

John N0EVH

Ryan, congrats and welcome to the herd my friend! It’s really great to see you become the first MG in Utah. Way to stick in there and get the job done. I was hoping to work you on your special day but the band condx to Colorado were just not great today. Thanks for trying 40m again before you went QRT.

73, baaaaaaaa!!

73 Bob AC1Z

Definitely a significant mile-stone for you and all others. Thanks for all the chaser points,lol.

Ryan, awesome job buddy and way to get that done! First in W7U, very cool, and thanks for the S2S from Utah 10-pointer to Utah 10-pointer!

Mike AC0PR


Heard you guys do that; most cool!

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Congrats Ryan.



Well Done, senor! Thanks for all the chaser points and also all the unique summits you have provided. I’ll look forward to working you again, real soon. Glad I could be there today for your milestone event. Congrats!

73/Tommy W7RV

Congratulations, Ryan, on achieving Mountain Goat! Well done!

Peter, KD0YOB

Congratulations on a job well done, Ryan! Welcome to the herd!

73 & Baaaaa,

Paul K9PM

Congratulations, Ryan, on a great accomplishment. Welcome to the herd!

Ron and Liz

Congratulations Ryan on achieving Mountain Goat.


Congrats Ryan. Like Paula K9IR, I couldn’t copy you with unusual band conditions in the Midwest. I wanted to be in your log on this day of yours. Anyway, welcome to the herd…Keep it going OM.

Best 72/73 to you,

Dennis - WA2USA