K7MAS in Dolomites of Italy and Alps of Austria

Hello / Hallo / Ciao

We will be QRV in Northern Italy Dolomites between September 5 to September 14, 2019. Villages and Refugios are: Ortisei; Schlenhause Hut; Plattkofel Hut; Selva; Corvara; San Cassiano; Laguzoi Hut; Cortina d’Ampezzo.

I will have 2M FM + HF (20M / 40M) SSB, at 15 Watts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. What frequencies to use for 2M FM and 20M / 40M SSB in this region? What Repeaters work well in this region?

I would also like to meet up with local SOTA Activators for possible for joint Activations.

Danke im Voraus, Funkamateur, K7MAS
Grazie in anticipo, Radioamatore, K7MAS

Hi Mark,

You’re heading for a very beautiful area! (the foods not bad either!).

For the HF frequencies, just try to find a free frequency, then spot it yourself. Often used are the “QRP frequencies” of 20m - 14.285MHz, 40m - 7.090, 7.118 and 7.188MHz. If it’s a weekend, there will be a contest on, so it’ll be a matter of what you can find free - week days aren’t so bad. PLEASE NOTE: the 40m band stops here at 7.200MHz.

For 2m FM. the calling frequency across Europe is 145.500 (note we only have 144-146, not 144-148 as you have in the US). If 145.500 is taken (unlikely) then try 145.525 and 145.550 MHz.

73 Ed DD5LP.

P.S. you’ll probably find most often German and some English spoken in that part of Italy, rather than Italian.

Hi Ed, DD5LP:

Thank you for detailed response. I continue to research various sources on line, but a personal response is much better!

I’ll have a separate posting here on the SOTA Reflector for the Austria portion of our trip.

73, Mark, K7MAS

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If only I could reach around the world on 5W!!! I could use the unique summits, especially if you make two in the same region!!!
Have a great trip, I’ll be watching for updates at some point!
Victor KI7MMZ