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K7JFD Arizona MTN GOAT # 11

Congrats to Jim, K7JFD who became an Arizona Mountain GOAT yesterday during the W7A 10-point s2s Madness day.

He activated 127 summits to get the GOAT, all uniques (ZERO repeats).

Good Job Jim!

Celebration to follow



Congratulations Jim on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congratulations Jim on your Mountain Goat! That was quite a push over the last month and a half.



Jim, congratulations on an amazing accomplishment to achieve MG with all unique summits! I’m delighted to be in your log. Looking forward to the big celebration event!


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Congratulations Jim on achieving your Goat status!

GREAT BIG CONGRATS, JIM! Most impressive, with all unique!

See you at the gathering.

Ken and Kay

Congratulations Jim and what a great way to reach the MG level!
Sure hope I can join the celebration dinner!
73, Keith KR7RK

Well done and the all uniques is an impressive aspect of getting to MG.

Paul W6PNG / M0SNA

Brovo Jim! Very good to see you over the hump!
Charlie NJ7V

Congratulations on your very “unique” accomplishment! :slight_smile:

Dave, AE9Q

Congratulations Jim! All unique is amazing!
See you at the celebration!
Chris K7TAB

Congratulations Jim for getting the Mountain Goat title.

Great job Jim, Thanks for all your activations and chaser points.
73 GL

Congratulations Jim. Glad I could work you on the day.


Mike - ke5akl

Wow! Jim that achievement must be a record … you have taken on quite the challenge to work all uniques. Mighty FB and now, onward and upward. 73 de Woody/K1LB

Thanks to all the chasers over the years. It was a long journey (almost 6 years) to finally reach Mountain Goat status. Special thanks to Pete WA7JTM for all his help activating peaks, and to Tommy W7RV and Tom N7AMA who always seemed to be there chasing and to lend a hand in spotting or coordinating with fellow AZ chasers.

I started SOTA probably like most people. In 2012, Dan W7DDM told me about a ham who hikes up mountains with goats and sets up his station and makes contacts with people around the world. I watched the videos and Dan and I started doing SOTA. I was hooked instantly. I never thought I would become a Goat, that was never the intent. I just enjoyed the outdoors and ham radio.

Since I mention Dan W7DDM, I believe all the AZ Goats and anyone that has activated in AZ owes him a special thanks. Arizona only had 119 peaks when he took over the association manager and it blossomed to almost 2500 with the addition of some of the easiest 10 point peaks in the country!

Next goal Super Sloth!

Thanks Again,



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