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Congrats Patrick on your newly earned MG status. Glad to work you on your MG summit. 73 Gary


Congratulations Leo! It’s cool to see that you involve your kids in SOTA as well!
Thanks for the contacts.

73 de Keith, KR7RK


Congrats Leo on your Mountain Goat :goat: achievement! 73 Karen


Congratulations Leo!
I’ve chased you 3 times so far towards the end of 2018 and I look forward to chasing you many more times on your way to your second MG.



Congrats Patrick! Welcome to the herd. Will look for your MG signals on the band.
Mike NS1TA


Congrats Patrick on your milestone achievement
Ariel NY4G


Congratulations, and thank you much for the S2S contacts!

Paul - N1ZF


Welcome to the herd, Patrick! Thanks for the many S2Ss and completes!

74, pat - KI4SVM