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K2KJD Earns Mountain Goat!

Congrats to Chip, K2KJD, for surpassing 1000 points today on Rabun Bald, W4G/NG-002 this morning. Thanks go out to the entire Adventure Team FOG, who dragged him all over the Appalachians, Blue Ridge, and Smoky Mountains of NC, GA, TN, and VA to get him there! We are proud of you, Chip. David - ND1J


Way to go Chip
welcome to the heard

Great job Chip and many thanks for all the summits keep on climbing Chip 72/73 Bud W8BUD

Great job, Chip!
Glad I made it in your log today.

Gary W5GDW

Congratulations on MG!

Andy, N4LAG

Glad I was able to work him on his Goat summit!

Grats Chip! That is quite the accomplishment to knock Mountain Goat out in only 14 months!

Congratulations Chip on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Chip! Happy to make contact on your “GOAT” summit. Now on to Double Goat!

73 Walt

You got my Goat. Thanks for the congratulations on my shuffling to the Mountain Goat Award yesterday with my fellow Adventure Team F.O.G.’ers, Tom W1PTS and John KN4LRI. Both true mentors to me.

There were easy activations and hard activations, but they were always fun activations. Adventure Team FOG’ers were never without quips, jokes, and stories while engaging passing hikers with “is the refreshment stand open/closed, is the band still playing, or whatever struck Toms fancy that day.

Thanks guys for putting the ADVENTURE in Adventure Team FOG!

73, Chip K2KJD

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Congrats, Chip, for your MG achievement yesterday. I wasn’t able to pull you out on 40M so missed your log. Hope to work you on many more “adventures”.
73 Gary

Congratulations, Chip! I was honored to work you on your mountain goat summit. Keep up the good work.

Ron, KI4TN :hiking_boot:

Welcome to the herd, and BAAA!


Congrats Chip,
Happy to make contact on your “GOAT” summit.
73/72 Dennis

Congratulations Chip!
I’m glad I was able to work you on your Goat Summit!
Thanks for all the chaser points.
Gary K3TCU

THATs getting your goat on! Congratulations Chip. Keep the ditty bot going. It only gets better from here. Dean ~ K2JB

Congratulations Chip!

73 de KR7RK

Congratulations Chip on your Goat!

Well done Chip! Welcome to the herd. Bahhh

Congratulations Chip! Thanks for the effort and the contacts!