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K2JB Triple Goat

Congratulations Dean on 3X Goat!! Wow! and Happy Birthday to boot!
I’m sorry I missed the activation…and the party.
73, Gary K3TCU

Congratulations Dean on 3X goat on your birthday! Bob AC1Z

Congrats to one of my mentors. Proud of you Dean

Ariel NY4G

Congratulations Dean! It’s always a pleasure to work you. 73 de CT7/K9PM

CONGRATS Dean.TNX for the summits.

Alright Dean! Awesome! Congratulations. One of these days I’ll catch you in person when I’m out that way.
Charlie NJ7V

Congratulations Dean on 3X Mountain Goat you old goat!
And Happy Birthday young fella!..Have a blessed day!
Always good to hear you on the summits! de John Paul/AB4PP

Dean is about one of the best people you will ever meet - personable, friendly, and eager to instruct and now a Triple Goat as well. Congratulations Dean !!!

Ariel NY4G