Just getting started

Hello all,

I’ve been following the activity here on the reflector, on SOTAwatch, and on the bands for a while. I haven’t really participated yet. However, I (finally) just got my hands on a MTR3B and all the attendant peripherals needed to get together a portable kit.

I live on one of the SOTA summits (W4V/SH-030). I don’t actually live on the summit, but it’s just a couple on minutes drive and walk. There are dozens of other peaks near me as well, so I’m excited to start bringing my radio along on my walks and try to activate some summits.

Any advice, tips, or warnings for a newcomer are appreciated!

Set up your portable station in your yard and check that a) you have everything in your pack and b) that it works.

Learn how to post an Alert before you leave home and a Spot from the summit on SOTAwatch

Also, do some SOTA chasing from your home station to get an idea of how operators handle a SOTA activation.

Colin G8TMV