Just 1 point needed to become double Shack Sloth

Thanks to all you activators out there for giving me the privilege of gaining double Shack Sloth status.
Best 73 and stay safe


Thanks Nuno CT2HOV/P for giving me that point
Best 73


Congrats, Allen, for achieving 2 x Shack Sloth.
Keep up the good work.


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But are you a CW Sloth yet?

I wish lol Long way to go there and much learning

Well, it’s really a great benefit to learn CW. I’d guess my SOTA
QSOs are about 10:1 CW Vs. SSB. Much easier to hear those
QRPers on CW. I hope you give it a go! And congrats on the
2 X sloth!

John, K6YK

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I just checked my log, I was wrong about the 10:1 ratio of CW to SSB.
It’s more like 4:1, 3149 CW, 690 SSB. That’s in just over a year and a half of chasing.
John K6YK

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Hello Allen…congratulations. Hope your safe and well.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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The pleasure was totally mine ;)… see you soon :).

Be safe, 73 de Nuno

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