John Kirk lists all the USA 300' prominence summits

Extracted from elsewhere:
“After about 12 years of toiling, I’ve finally reached the finish line of my goal to list all P300s in the 50 United States over 140,000 of them - US Peaks by State Statistics. There’s always something new to add/change, but this has been quite a journey that I’m pleased to have completed.”
… From John Kirk who has done so much work in determining the prominence of summits in the US and whose work has formed the basis of many US SOTA Associations. Of course 300ft not metres.

Now you see why half the SOTA summits in the world are in the USA. Without John Kirk, KL7 would have had to make do with a starter kit instead of the massive list recently supplied by N7UN.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT

Thanks for posting this Jim! John Kirk has become a very good friend of SOTA in NA and the principal supplier of USGS data for nearly all NA associations, including Hawaii and Alaska. If it weren’t for his datasets, NA with over 30k SOTA summits, would still be in it’s beginning stages, IMO!

Likewise, John Kirk recently finished his survey/analysis of Alaska with over 60k P300ft summits and over 30k P150m summits!

In NA, we have always purchased our data from John Kirk, out of a professional courtesy.


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