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Joerg (DG0JMB) can FLY

Wed 08:31 DG0JMB on OK/US-012 7.126 ssb
Here now (Posted by DG0JMB)

Wed 08:15 OK/DG0JMB/P on OK/US-011 7.118 ssb
Calling cq (Posted by DG0JMB)

OK/US-011 JO60tq
OK/US-012 JO60po

with car lock by google maps

S211 47,7 km, 52 Minuten
Route 2545 47,2 km, 57 Minuten
Route 01310 47,2 km, 57 Minuten

a litte pic from SOTA Mapping

and a pic of the route from car

In reply to DK2RMP:

Correct ok/us-011 us012 is wrong!!!

In reply to DG0JMB:

haaaa !! send this be the next sms pse!
“sry OK/US-011 is wrong” and all is ok !

In reply to DK2RMP:

So which is correct? US-011 or US-012 ???

Walt (G3NYY)

In reply to G3NYY: