Jai ho

Very pleased to hear Steve G1INK/P QRV again after (for me) a long absence with two summits today.
I hope the tour goes well Steve.
Night night.

Cheers Mike, nice to work you long path on 10m :wink: Currently in hotel bar drinking Wickwar real ale with Mike GW0DSP.

Hello Steve (and Mike),
Evening meal done. Local forecast is -10C tonight, see what happens. Thanks for the two 10M summits and on 40M. Weird about the LP contact at about 25k miles… oh well. Just came here to shut things down.
No real ale here right now and the local pub … well another story.
Night night.

Hi Steve
Also good to catch you on the two summits, envious of the real ale.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

Well done Mike (DSP)… you’ve saved Steve from another evening of bingo. :wink:

Hi Gerald, there’s a singing sensation on in the entertainment room so we’re taking refuge in the bar :wink:

Hi Steve, thanks for today.
Night night
जय हो

Hello Steve, pleased to catch you on 10 band /G/CE-003. Did listen out for you later on that band /G/CE-001 - not even fragments here but did hear chasers so good stuff and you must have been pleased to work St Helena despite the Sol numbers not being in your favour.
-6C this morning in East Sussex, now warmed up to 0C!

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