JA5 and JA8 activations

After being forced to accept some cheaper flights via Japan to Korea, I will be taking the opportunity to activate a JA5 and a JA8 summit tomorrow and Saturday. Alerts are posted as JI1GBE.

I will try as many bands as possible, perhaps NA may be workable? Please listen out if you can.

SOTA dinner on the Friday evening, so the JA8 activation could be considered tentative :wink:


Good luck Andrew.
Chance for the first ever JA-FK S2S this w/e maybe?

JA5 successfully activated, even if I had to bail out of a 40m CW pile up because I could hear call signs any more.

Many thanks to Mr Fukuno JA5VHW who graciously drove me around today

Good luck of JA8 Hokkaido activation. Now I’m stand-by.



Now Andrew activating. Congrats for 4 JA association activations.


Thanks Toru, since we started surveying Japan, I’ve wanted to explore and activate all 4 JA associations, which I can now tick off :slight_smile:

The help of people like yourself and Mr Fukuno is what makes ham radio fun and it was great to finally get you in the log! Strangely, no ill effects from the niku-umeshu-niku-umeshu cycle we went through last night :smile:

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Great to finally get Hokkaido in the chaser log!
Let us know when you get down to JA6/Okinawa. The summits are not so great but the food and awamori are.
Steve JS6TMW

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Steve, I recognized the callsign and was glad to get you in the log! Okinawa tends to miss out on a lot of stuff.

A guy I knew lives in Okinawa with his wife who teaches on the US base there, so it is on the list :slight_smile:

Welcome to Japan again.
I apologize not to join the mixer in Akihabara last week.:bow:
My commercial site was moved from Nihombashi near Akihabara.
Anyway it was unfortunately cold and rainy last weekend. I found the video by JF5VHW
JA5 is my favorite area since 1981 because it’s filled with many mountains including the highest one in western Japan(JA3-6).
Hope to see you again here.