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JA/YM-001 Mt.Chyoukaizan 21/06 2020

Hi all,
I hiked up on the north-east face of JA/YM-001 Mt.Chyoukaizan on 21/06 2020.
This mountain is active and located independently along the coast of Japan Sea
between Akita and Yamagata prefectures.
When it goes mad,unbelievably brutal wind blows here.
But on this activation day, she welcomed us with open arms.


Started walking from here.

Now hiking up on the snow.It is still hard and I don’t have to put on my crampons for a while.

Looking back.

I am now on 1700m. The mountain very far on your right may be JA/IT-001 Mt.Iwate.

Over 2000m,I could walk along the hiking path.Snow has melted and been blown away.

Soon I’ll get to the ridge peaks.

Now I am standing on the east side peak called Mt.Shichikousan(2229m),one of several peaks on the ridge around crater.
You see the real peak over there beyond the snow bridge.
This point is lower than the real peak by 7meters.

A few are walking on the snow bridge.And you see the coast down there.
Again, this mountain is ACTIVE.

Walked along the ridge and reached at the guidepost to the crater.
Now going down from here to the right.

Looking back.

Looking up at the snow bridge from the bottom.And I have to hike up again, oh come on!

Now I am standing on the other side of the bridge.You see the guidepost just in front of the white cloud on your right.

A guy is standing on the peak. I put up my antenna here.
The mountain far on your right may be JA/YM-002 Mt.Gassan.
Fifteen QSOs I could make on 20m and 15m cw including ZL1BYZ John,TNX all !

Going home. Summer is just around the corner.

You have seen this number somewhere before・・・・・ root 5.



Nice report, thanks.

Thank you for the comment, Paul san.
Good day !

Hello dear Atsu San,

what a hike! Thanks for nice pictures and description.
It is a pity it’s difficult to chase JA sota from here, maybe some day when propagation improves…

Looking forward your next activation. Take care and stay safe
73 de Ignacio

Hello Ignacio san,

Thank you for the comment.
Oh,yes I am looking forward to making some contacts with you too.

Take care and have a nice day !

73 Atsu