JA/NI-148 : Yagioyama : Summit not recognized in SOTA Alert

I just noticed in SOTA alert that when I hover with my cursor above the summit name that it says “Summit not recognized”. No big deal, I was still able to enter the alert in there. It looks like a new summit that was recently added to the database.

We finally have a day of nice weather in the Niigata mountains tomorrow according to the weather forecast. It will be a good time to test some gear and to see how rusty at hiking I am. I will approach the summit on skis, it should be a nice day.

It looks like there are no JA or VK activations planned tomorrow, so the odds of a S2S look pretty slim. Hopefully this winter activation will be better than my last attempt. The good news is that it cannot be worse. I’ll see if I can self spot or not. I will try various metthods and see how that goes.

Hopefully catch some of you on the air tomorrow!


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Read the ‘Split of the French “F” SOTA Association’ for an explanation.

Just did, thanks.

Thanks to all the chasers… :laughing:
oh well, at least SOTA got a GPX track out of it.
This is painful.

I cannot spot myself in MG-088 and MG-059 today. I thought it was only MG region in JA Association. but seems not . Wish to be fixes asap tomorrow I will activate another MG region summit.

it seems ok now. thank you.

toru k