IZ3NVR Stefano on I/TN-305 - 16 Jan 2020

Hi all
Please find here a copy of an email from Stefano @IZ3NVR on his last activation which I publish with his authorization.

"Hi Eric,
thanks a lot for the QSO yesterday as well as the spot on SOTAWatch. I was using a Crystal controlled (7.032ish) rockmite RTX (about 4W out) so I was forced to stay within a few strong signals and couldn’t QSY. With my weak signal I would have kept calling for hours without answers if it was not for your spot.
I send you a quick video shot from the summit. Quite cold up there, my fingers were freezing so my sending was not accurate (Rockmite keyer is not that precise either so, adding the two, i had a really bad keying)

Thanks a lot again and I will try to be active from a couple more SOTAs this weekend if weather allows. I/VE-222 and I/VE-202. Will try to post alerts before entering the no-mobilephone-coverage area.

See you on the bands
Stefano IZ3NVR"

His signal was QRM but now you can know why :slight_smile:

73 Éric F5JKK