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It's raining again


Andy, I’m glad and jealous to read about your 2 hours biking and 3 hours SOTAing. I can imagine your skin looking like a boiled shrimp, :wink: Take care of it and put some after sun cream on the burnt areas.
Having my wife left me alone with our 3 kids today for professional reasons, I’ve only been able to chase 4 activators from home while taking care of the kids. Despite the very cloudy sky in the morning up to the afternoon, it held without rain and it finally cleared a little, so we went to the movies in the afternoon and later enjoyed some time in the nice park of Yamaguchi in Pamplona.

Roberto, thank you very much for the activation and the SOTA points for our QSO on 20m SSB today, as well as for sharing that beautiful picture of the landscape you enjoyed in HB land today. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to copy HB on 20m and sometimes I can’t copy while beaming directly to HB and have to do it through backscatter beamming to the NorthWest, but we were lucky today and you were loud and clear from the NorthEast, the direct beam.

Ed, I see you had a winter weather today during your trail-running event. However, it’s better like that for running rather than too warm, as dehydratation becomes an issue when running or hiking under the sun with too high temperatures.
The weather we had today, although a bit too windy, it was perfect for hiking in the mountains, because temperature was around 15-17° C with no rain at all and the clouds covered the Sun, which can be a bit too strong by this time of the year to be exposed to for many hours in the mountains.
I’m glad that you enjoy the activation reports I write and post here. We have exceptionally good conditions for SOTA here with so many not difficult and wonderful mountains to hike around at relativley short distances from home. Should you feel like visiting the area one day, I’ll be pleased to help you and guide you to activate some of the many summits here and even join you on some activations, assuming you come in a weekend and I don’t have other commitments like today.
Well, no activation for me today, so I’ll be eagerly looking for a good one next Sunday.

Have a nice week.
Best 73 from Guru


The working week is almost over and again, another weekend with rain…
This is the forecast for the weekend.

According to this I should try to activate some local nearby summit on Friday afternoon-evening and I should be able to do the 51st activation of Mt. San Cristobal on Saturday morning, as the thunderstorms will very likely happen in the afternoon-evenning. I’ll keep my fingers crossed as it looks like Sunday is going to have to be another SOTA chasing day in the shack.

Have a nice weekend.
73 from Guru


So this is a situation on I/LO-323 Grignetta, today.

It has snowed 1500mt above sea level.
Winter came back

See you soon


There was also snow above 1500m here last night but for once it looks ike we might have a break in the rain and have some sunshine over the next three days here in Bavaria!


Hmmm… it looks like the rain will not show up much this weekend.
According to the forecast, it will be possible to activate Mt. San Cristóbal this Saturday morning and Sunday looks like it’s going to be a superb day for a long hike activation.

Let’s hope the planets don’t get misaligned…
Keep an eye on the alerts and spots.
HPE CUAGN SN = Hope to copy you again soon (for the non-CWers)

Best 73 from Guru


Rain forecast in VK1 - around 100mm over the next 4 days. Just as well I am heading down to VK3 (forecast for wet, but much less). Hopefully a couple more unique summmits whilst down there.



…while the sun continued to bake everything and everyone here in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. They’ve never seen anything like it here, the sky is a peculiar colour (blue) and they are panic buying water as the longest they’ve previously been without rain is an hour and a half. There was a huge moorland fire up near Strabane yesterday. Drought warnings and hose pipe bans can’t be far away!

Now to warm the mulligatawny for the last day here.


Similar WX here. Forecast for weekend looks stunning. That means only one thing… Scorchio!


Surely iced gazpacho would be a better choice in the circumstances?

Good luck on your final day.

Walt (G3NYY)


I wish!

Weather here in the North East can only be described by one, very useful, Scots word: DREICH!



GRRR GRRR - Where’s the Dislike button!

Actually down here in Bavaria after 4 days of solid drizzle and heavier rain, the sun has just come out, while I’m typing this. Lets see how long for.

Meantime the SFI continues to drop so propagation aint so good and won’t be any better for the next week. Hopefully things will be better from mid June onwards for all those heading down to Friedrichshafen and activating summits on the way!



It’s another scorcher here in GI for the last day of our SOTA tour. Two activations down, two to go, and great support from the chasers again.

Only thing is the midges liked the taste of Jimmy’s face and the poor lad now looks like he’s got chicken pox.

It might be hot, but the hot mulligatawny is going down very well. Yum!




I think it’s officially summer :grinning:


Yes Victor, only wish I had booked that holiday in Northern Ireland, this last two weeks - but it will have to wait…

As Barry’s GM4TOE’s weather map showed and what Terry G(M)0VWP told me on 40m this morning from his campsite in the far north of Scotland at Durness, it has been terribly miserable, and has been so on the east side of the UK all week. Up until this afternoon that is, here in North Yorkshire.

Finally the sun (and possibly summer) has arrived this afternoon after days of grey leaden skies and sea fret / haar / scotch mist up to 5 miles inland from the North Sea… Its been miserable but still a lot better than France and parts of Germany who have really suffered with flash flooding in parts. Some terrible pictures on the Guardian newspaper website of cars in towns in Germany buried under, and on top piles of large boulders - horrendous.

73 Phil


Looks like more rain coming my way tonight - forecast is for thunder storms, heavy rain and hail:

I’m under the dark blue piece SSW of Munich (München)



Can’t believe it. Here we are at Belfast Port in the ferry queue and it’s still wx we’d be happy with when we go to EA8 later this year. 8pm as well. Furthermore at least two more days of this is forecast here in GI. Mind you, I doubt I could walk another step. All I want now is shower - Guinness - food - Guinness - bed, with possibly lots more Guinness squeezed into the schedule somewhere. I’m completely exhausted!


For those believing that Spain is all sunshine and beaches ever, bear in mind that not all Spain is like that.
Just one week before summer solstice and we haven’t yet had much sunshine.
We are still having clouds most of the days, rain from time to time (today) and thunderstorms many afternoons-evennings (yesterday).
The forecast for the weekend is a bit of the same. However I hope I’ll be able to activate on Saturday morning and Sunday too.

Believe me, I prefer this weather rather than the heavy sun and very high temperatures in other Southern areas of Spain. Anything above 28° C is just to much for anything you might want to do.
God bless the clouds :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend,



I see a window of a couple of hours for DL/AM-156 today - from about 1pm local to 3/4pm - Saturday and Sunday look worse. It’s currently raining here, it might be today or not at all for the lightweight activation.