Italy Veneto Summits with wrong coordinates

These summits,of veneto region, already activated by someone have wrong coordinates:

  • I/VE-301 Monte coppolo
  • I/VE-302 Monte Ortigara
  • I/VE-303 Monte Avena (Actualy in another Nation In CROATIA)
    But probably more others!!!

Se here Main - list and display SOTA summits on map -

It seems that the coordinates are the conversion of the Locator.
73 de IN3AQK

I can see on Google Earth that something is not quite right with the co-ordinates in that they are points that are clearly not a summit, but according to my calculations the co-ordinates given are NOT the center of any of the 3 Grid Squares (JN56UB, JN56SA or JN65WQ) either which might suggest something else is amiss with the co-ordinates.

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Same situation for I/VE-309 Monte Cesen, the real summit is quite far away from the SOTA map coordinates. I was there in 2015.