Italy in 4K

Didn’t want to hijack anyone’s post and no idea what category this fits in so I’ve stuck to off topic. During COVID I’ve done a lot of YouTube surfing and this video caught my eye: You Won't Believe This Is In Italy 4k - YouTube - it’s Italy in 4K (nothing to do with SOTA) with an emphasis on mountains, so what’s not to like!

Maybe if you’ve seen an interesting video about where we would be if life was full of all possibilities that would be a good start.



Your not wrong Mark, a great video. :smiley:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

I already visited this area a few times in the past. (Without SOTA) Both in winter and summer. It’s really that beautiful and even more!

Good thing: there are a lot of ski resorts in this area, which sometimes also operate in summer. So some of these summits might not be that hard to reach as you might think.

If I find the time the next days I can list a few summits where I know that they are easy to reach with cable car. (Was easy to spot when you see people in Flip Flops (thongs) after a really hard climb just to see a cable car station just a kilometer away :smiley: )


It’s 7:45am and I’m suffering a hangover from too much of my favourite whisky (Lagavulin) last night. I really shouldn’t get drunk at my advanced age. But watching this video has helped to take my mind off it. Impressive photography (drones I suppose) of the amazing Dolomites. Excellent Hans Zimmer music too. Just one question: Which giant put those huge boulders on the top of those spikey peaks at 2mins 30s ?

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They are quite stunning aren’t they?

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I assume they are glacial erratics.

This giant’s name is erosion.

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Best cure is to start the day with something light like a couple of Mojitos.

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Don’t joke - in my state just reading that makes me want to throw up.

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Trying to work out regular expressions to parse various latitude/longitude input strings is having a similar effect on me this morning @G8CPZ!

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There are similar formations in EA2/NV in the area called Bardenas reales. This is the most popular:

The following page (available also in English and French) gives an explanation of how these big rocks on top of columns were formed. Time and erosion were the artists.



// signed number?
match = Regex.Match(pattern, @"^-?[0-9]\d*(\.\d+)?,");
// number with N or S?
match = Regex.Match(pattern, @"^[0-9]\d*(\.\d+)?[NS],");
// number with E or W?
match = Regex.Match(pattern, @"^[0-9]\d*(\.\d+)?[EW]%");
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This is the 2nd example of input:

24°12?58?N 55°45?9?E

with the follow Regular Expression: (\d+).(\d+).(\d+).([NE]).(\d+).(\d+).(\d+).([NE])"

I am integrating the Castles on the Air data into the ADIF processor. Unfortunately, where there is a location specified, it is dependent on the country data with many variations. Not sure what I’m going to do for those that don’t have any location data. I need to find an address to location online tool. Not investigated that.

Cheers, Mark.

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All regex are like programming in Forth for me, write once-read never. I don’t use them enough that all regex start from 1st principles (the man page for regex) and require many iterations to get right. With plenty of test cases!

Ditto! I find is my best friend when things don’t work as expected.

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Found this site earlier - absolutely invaluable to make sense of the gobble-de-gook.

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That’s near Lago d’Iseo at a place with the odd name of Zone. They were created by rain washing away the soft deposits either wider of the boulders.

I found them very hard to photograph - but I didn’t have a drone. :slight_smile: This was the best I could manage. :frowning:

Lago d’Iseo is a nice area. Much fewer people than the more famous lakes such as Garda or Como.