It works

Afternoon peoples

Refined the 1/2w 40 IN/L this morning by moving the coil up the pole away from the ground and the 11m CP cut into 4. But have extensions for 80m

Testing this morning I thinks it is working well

All bands i have tune in nicely LOW SWR’s 80, 40( Little funny but tuneable) 20,15 and 10 yet can go straight from 20 to 10m no change in ACU required.

Worked many a sota today on it bar the GI on 40m had to use the loop for that one from OE S5 DLx2 EA on 20m Band DL and G on 40m.
15m was interesting reaching LY, SI, W4 in Tn, and to boot VP2ETE on 10m.

Yep thinks the 40m 1/2w Inverted L is doing great guns from me garden today.

So should be good one on a summit

Job done


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