Isle of Skye

I shall buy bent cucumbers then. It was bunches of more than 3 bananas that were illegal, I’m off down the greengrocers (should that be greengrocer’s ;-)) to buy all these things which were banned till recently.

Good news is my trip to Poland for some bagging in the Autumn is now on. Off to the Rob’s site for some serious planning.

Boom another one clocked


Big thanks folks for your time up there etc.


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Right, that’s your lot - 10 summits done on Skye during the week. The weather left a lot to be desired - it has rained every day. Nor has propagation been at its best, so many thanks to the chasers who have struggled with us at times. We mostly did 1-pointers but they were by no means trivial ascents!

We didn’t make it to Raasay. We felt it needed a good weather day, and we didn’t really get one. It would in any case have been pushing it (for us) to get both summits done in the time available. It would be best done on a Saturday when the ferry timetable allows a longer stay on the island, but that wasn’t possible this time. We’ll just have to come back here one day. There is plenty more to do here.

It will take us a while to type up the logs and get them submitted - please be patient if you are waiting for your asterisks.

Martyn M1MAJ


Well done both. And thanks for the all the new ones for me and a reason for me to pop up to Skye for some Completes (It must be almost 40 years since I last lofted about the island’s summits :thinking: a poor admission :confused:) - outwith the midgey season :smile:

Sorry I wasn’t able to have a few more contacts with Caroline, but as mentioned in a previous post - 40M was above me - hi!

Safe trip back home, and as we sometimes say - ‘haste ye back’ :sunny:!


Jack (;>J

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Logs are now submitted, activation reports will follow when I’ve written them!
Caroline M3ZCB.

I should also add my thanks to the friendly lot of amateurs on the island and surroundings who I worked on 2m FM: unfortunately I never managed to find enough of you on air and in range at the same time to qualify any of the hills on 2m FM, but I got 3 over several hills.

Caroline M3ZCB.