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Isle of Skye this week


Hi Allan,

13:35 Tuesday 23rd. I’m back home now after my family commitment in Somerset. So will keep an eye open for your alerts and chase if i’m up here.



Thanks everyone for the pile-up today whilst I was on GM/SI-104 on the Isle of Skye.

Only a short activation as our friends were with us. I just worked 40m as there was limited space on the summit. Lovely cairn but a little bit of a bog trot if it is wet…it’s been dry so no problems today.

Thanks to those that went out especially to try and catch me s2s…success. John GW4TQE/p went up on to Hope Mountain GW/NW-062 to enable me to complete my chases of North Wales (nice touch John)…must get round to completing them now :smile: Rod M0JLA/p and Simon GW4TJC/p timed their s2s to perfection so thank you both …highlights of the day.

I might do another tomorrow…Mountain Weather tells me that conditions are set to deteriorate with Gale Force winds on the summits. Alert up tonight when I see the latest forecast…bit of a difficult one tomorrow so I’ll be on my own…no back up team :smile:

73 Allan GM4VPX

Pile-up underway. Cullins in the background

Old Man of Storr in the distance


Just had my 817 enabled for 5Mhz whilst in for some other work - easy DIY or £20 at the dealers.


Hi Allan,

Managed to be in the Shack this morning and tried for a QSO. On 60M (1010Z) you were at best 3/3 but when I called I was (I think) swamped by southern stations? Though did hear you work Andy - GM6ZAK. Telle est l’ionosphère :stuck_out_tongue:



Really sorry about that Jack. GM6ZAK was ‘touch and go’ but we managed to make it stick. I think many were having the same problem as you. I couldn’t use 80m as I’ve had a problem and could not repair…forgot the soldering iron at home :frowning:
Looks like today was the last activation as the weather is due to change and our friends want to visit a few indoor attractions like the Talisker Distillery :grinning:

73 and thanks for trying


Nice little distillery when Anne & I last visited it - emmm - over 40 years ago! And the whisky is wee bit too firey for my ‘sophisticated’ :laughing: palate - hi!

Possibly out again for another couple of SS’s on Friday. Wx looks not too bad? (12 SS’s remaining - getting there :smiley:)



As you say Jack WX is looking ok so a visit to Talisker is on the cards now with Arnaval GM/SI-128 now added to the interary :smile: I’m being dumped on the side of the road to make my own way to the summit :smile: Alert is up.

Thanks to everyone for the contacts today.

73 Allan GM4VPX


Sorry I missed you today Allan. I was on the allotment when the spot went up. I had planned to be back. Hope to catch you tomorrow and see you for the fish & chips on Saturday.


I missed you this morning Allan. I thought you were on summit at 11:00 z. It must have been 11:00 bst. So are you missing out on a trip around the distillery in favour of Sota??? Such dedication !!!
The rain’s back in West Wales but still quite warm

73 Frank


Hi Frank,

Thanks for the contact today, it was great to hear you along with everyone else. I think everyone I heard made my log. I was dropped off today whilst Val and our friends went on another walk down in Talisker by the sea so the activation was a quick one before I had to make my way down.

We are at Carbost now where Talisker Distillery is situated…contemplating whether to spend money for the tour or put the money towards a bottle😀

Today was the last summit of the week so thanks everybody for all contacts on all 5 summits. Blackpool Radio rally next stop :grinning:

View from the summit…Uist in the distance


Ask in the distillery for a whiskey passport - you can collect a stamp in the book, free tour, and a wee nip afterwards for free :wink:


Go buy a bottle Allan, enjoy the contents one evening when you get home, save the bottle as a souvenir of the trip. Propagation was interesting today. For once I managed to make contact with you on the peak rather on the trough of qsb.

Thanks for the contacts


As a regular distillery visitor, you pay dearly for buying the product at the distillery. Supermarkets are nearly always better value.


I was hunting whisky in Edinburgh at the weekend, being a Yorkshireman, I was insulted by the prices! I decided that a trip to the supermarket would indeed be my best option. I fancied inbibing some nice Scotch whilst in Scotland, but I decided to settle for beer instead.

I have a thing for Jura Prophecy whisky, it’s now been discontinued, my parents bought me a bottle at Christmas after they managed to eventually track one down. I have been to Ambleside today and I saw a bottle of Prophecy in the specislist booze shop at £62.95! My wife suggests that I ought to sell my stash! :laughing: I still really want to try Caribbean Cask after you (@mm0fmf) suggested it, maybe I can get some for my birthday. @


No that place is at the centre of the tourist traps, not cheap but they do have a good range.

This is my kind of preferred Whisky vendor. (Other supermarkets available).


OH NO no more summits what we do to :slight_smile:
Thanks again for all one manged to gain this week

73s karl 2E0FEH


Many thanks, Allan, for the new summits. Enjoy the Whisky - or did you decide to economise and splash out in Blackpool instead :smile:

Safe journey home,


Hi Rod

My pleasure Rod…thank you and others for the chases. Log is up on the database.

Took the advice that was posted by everyone and saved my money…I think a bottle of ‘Penderyn’ will be the order of the day :smile: Yes, looking forward to the Blackpool rally…bits and pieces list ready :smile:

Went down to Elgol to have a look around and noted a few Sota summits for our next visit if all goes to plan.

Cullins taken from Elgol harbour…quite a few Sota summits visible from here :smile:

73 Allan GM4VPX