Isle of Skye this week

Just a ‘heads up’ to say that I’ll be activating a few of the summits on the Isle of Skye this week. Not sure how many as we are with friends. On GM/SI-155 Sgurr na h-lolaire this morning. Keep an eye on the Alerts…I’ll try and alert the night before.

Hope to hear someone :grinning:

73 Allan GW4VPX


Oooh I’m jealous now Allan! Have a great time on Skye.

SI-155 would be a nice complete for me, I’ll have a listen though my local noise probably means not much chance of a contact :frowning:

73 de Paul G4MD

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I was wondering yesterday when you were due on Skye and this morning I found the Alert. Not a popular summit :slight_smile: with one activation since Paul’s visit in 2013.
Hope to catch you shortly.
73, Rod

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Being so far south of you should catch ya on 40m look forwards to contacts

karl 2E0FEH

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Like Paul, I’m jealous! Give my regards to the Sligachan Inn!


Many thanks for the contact, Allan.
I don’t think I have ever completed one in such poor conditions. I could not even hear Don, G0RQL.
Hope all went well,

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I did listen for you Allan! I could briefly recognise your voice on 60m on a QSB peak at 10:38, but no chance of a QSO. Only the faintest signal heard on 80m…

Enjoy Skye - happy memories for me working portable on 80m from there in mid 1970s :smile:

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Hello Allan,
did not hear you on 80- but on 60 metres with a medium signal. Could not work you because you was on a frequency we cannot use in EI. Happens a lot in recent months.
EI SSB frequencies are: 5278.5-5298.5-5330.5-5346.5-5398.5-5403.5 KHz
Try one of the last two ones and you might get some responses from EI.


Hi Michael, thanks for that info glad I chose 5.4035 on GW/NW-042 yesterday, thanks for the contact!

As predicted not a squeak heard from Allan here on any frequency :frowning:

73 de Paul G4MD (GW6GGP/P yesterday!)

I gave Allan 3/5 this morning but occasionally he boomed in for a few words then faded again. To my surprise I didn’t hear any at all of the stations that he worked. Wierd conditions!


Same for me, very odd!

Thanks for the reminder, Michael, that hadn’t occured to me, sorry!

Very timely reminder, Michael, thank you. Due in Larne three weeks tomorrow :smile:


I’d forgotten that EI has different old spot channels to the UK. It was only when I was on 60m and someone asked me to QSY so I could work Michael that I remembered. Since then I’ve done my best to use 5.3895 and 5.4035 for my 60m activations. This has been repaid by Micheal being one of the first chasers to work me each time. Along with Eric F5JKK, Michael EI3GYB has been one of my most frequent chasers these last few months. He also has the advantage of being far enough away to be workable when 60m skip is longish. It’s almost like having a guaranteed QSO on the band every time and that makes these top two channels a no-brainer for me.

Have fun in Skye, Allan. There’s some good beer to be had there as well as some spectacular “water of life”.


Thanks everyone for your support this morning whilst I was on GM/SI-155

I think those were the worst band conditions I’ve experienced on a summit for some time. Chasers were 5/9 one second and gone the next…40m produced the most contacts. Anyway, qualified the summit with 13 contacts on a wet and miserable morning. Disappointment of the day was a failed s2s with Simon G4TJC…we just couldn’t make it stick.

My log is up on the database.

Highlights of the morning, the boggy bits were not too bad and Val and I saw one Sea Eagle, Grouse and a herd of Red deer in the distance.

Michael EI3GYB frequencies noted for tomorrow. I will alert this evening what summit I will be on tomorrow. Thanks everyone.

73 Allan GM4VPX

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Evening Allan, good to see your up in GM-Land. I know you had been mentioning it.

Just back from one of my last of the SS’s sojourings (2100hrs last night - Thurs/Sat). Bit kin-knackered!!!

So having a lazy day in the Shack. Missed you on 5 but thought I might get you on 80M - skip appeared too long. Sugar!!!

Possibly one up on your sea-eagle - osprey last night - HERE (Loch Scammadale - beautiful glen!) just as I was heading home.

ABW - Catch you tomorrow?

GL es 73

Jack (;>J

(And just to rub it in - lovely day back at the home QTH 23C + Hazy Sunshine)

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Shame it didn’t work out on 80m Allan. With my 817 not enabled for 60m, from your log it looks like 40m might have been worth a try? But by then we were mostly packed away and heading off the summit. Lovely day for it in GW though. :sunny:

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Hi Jack

Nice to hear from you Jack and thanks for trying. Heard nothing on 80m but 40m appeared to be be working for a few UK contacts. Difficult conditions especially for qrp.

Out again tomorrow, alert is up so hope to hear you.

73 Allan

Thanks again everyone for the support today when I was on GM/SI-115. My Log is on the database.

In complete contrast to yesterday the Sun was shining but there was a very strong wind although for a change it was warm :smile: …21 contacts mainly on 40m with 60m proving difficult. failed to get on 80m due to a breakage.

GM/SI-104 tomorrow with trig again. With friends so a quick activation.

Looking South from the Trig, Isle of Raasay left with the prominent summit of Dun Cann GM/SI-092…Cullin mountains beyond.

Out of the wind

Evening jaunt…the Cullins in the distance.

73 Allan GM4VPX


Good to see the views: we were in the clouds when we did that one. Unfortunately we were out so no chance of a chase - but we don’t hear much through the high noise levels when we’re at home anyway!


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Thanks for the hill, looks wonderful!

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