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Further to my last inquiry regarding SOTA summits near Faslane, I have decided to add 5 days of vacation on the back end of my business travel. I think I would like to spend 2 or 3 days on the Isle of Skye. I am sure there is someone here who probably has tons of information regarding hiking and SOTA in that area. I’d appreciate any thoughts on a place to stay on the island for a couple of nights and perhaps some suggested must-do SOTA summits or hikes on the island. I understand it may be rainy and cool at the end of October into the beginning of November when I would be there and I am planning to bring Goretex hard shells just in case of inclement weather.

Moreover, if there are any highly recommended places in between, I’d be interested in those as well, which I would probably hit on the way back to Glasgow - my departure airport. Of course, if there is something that I am overlooking I am totally open to other suggestions beyond the areas mentioned. As of right now I have no plans other than related to my business travel to Faslane and am totally flexible!

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Well Gus, Skye has it all. The main ridge of the Cuillins contains several Munros. Some are just steep rocky walks and one famous one involves a rock climb and abseil! There are three SOTA summits on this ridge, GM/SI-001 GM/SI-002 GM/SI-004. All involve scrambling minimum. A traverse of the entire ridge is a major mountaineering expedition.

Bla Bheinn lies separately across the glen and is a simple but steep walk. That may be a good place to start (for a Munro). GM/SI-005

If you want slightly lower hills, then the Red Cuillins may fit the bill. Eg. Marsco GM/SI-021 being one. Hopefully someone else will come along to suggest some of the 1 or 2 pointers, as my experience is restricted to the higher hills. has many good routes on Skyes mountains.
Isle of Skye (Walkhighlands)

Any time I’ve stayed on Skye, I’ve generally stayed in Portree (when not camping or in the camper van). The Cuillin Hills Hotel is really good but expensive. The Isles Inn on the main square is a also fine. Depends what you want, an air bnb or smaller lodging closer to the hills may be your preference. We lodged and ate at the famous 5 Chimneys for Mo’s 50th. Out of this World!


Marsco is GM/SI-021 (not ES-021 Ben Rinnes - good hill with possiblity of 2 more with it, but a long way from Isle of Skye :grinning:)


I’ve got ES on the brain. It’s my default. Now corrected. And yes, Ben Rinnes is a great hill.

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Thank you for the information! I was actually looking at GM/SI-005 - a lot of good reports on that one on WalkHighlands. I am also interested in The Storr just because of all the pictures I’ve seen. I assume it will be a more crowded hike due to popularity, but it looks like the actual summit is behind the rock formations that everyone likes to visit. It also looks like there is a possibility of doing a second nearby summit that has only been activated a few times.

The Storr has been ruined and the paths are a mess. Pick a quiet time. Of course, like most places, you can head 500 m north on to the start of the magnificent Trotternish ridge and you’ll be all by yourself. As you say, there are a nice couple of summits along there. Mo and I backpacked length of the ridge in a day as part of the Skye trail a few years ago. 17 miles, 6500’ of ascent. Unforgettable.

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Skye is amazing, I’m lucky enough to have visited twice. The first time we stated at The Bosville Hotel in Portee and I would recommend it. Second time was a day trip. Enjoy!


yes, Blaven is a nice hill and well worth a visit. Easiest of the big Skye hills. There is a big car park with toilets built by John Muir trust.

This will give you a good forecast of what to expect on summit, all Munro summits are forecast by Met office as well as a good general area mountain forecast.

It’s almost a given that your Goretex will get use!!

73 Gavin

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Thanks for the info! This is very helpful.